Tuesday, 18 September 2007

>>> Mere Ramblings! <<<

This was what we did yesterday!

The boys cycling ahead!

At the adventure playground.

Zac with no bread to feed the ducks. He should have saved his crusts!

Moi on my bike, all bundled up as usual. I'm only comfortable in temperatures 30 deg C and above!

Yup spent the day at Kingsbury Waterpark and had a ball of a time. Weather was great and just terrific for cycling. As usual, had a slight drama where Ollie and myself lost sight of hubby and Zac. He had asked us to go ahead and so we did then as we waiting at a junction, both didn't appear. So we cycled back and couldn't find them. Decided to go back to the carpark to wait for them and Ollie had a play in the playground. Half an hour later, still no sight of them and stupidly I had forgotten my mobile... typical! So back on our bikes, we tried to look for them and had a great time cycling. We did eventually join up with them when we took another route next to the railway lines and saw them in the opposite direction!

Before going back, we had a ride on this miniature railway train. Gosh, they built a huge railway track and we had a fun time on the train! The track is new as it wasn't there before and I'm sure they will be expanding the lines.

I'm hoping we can do this more often before the weather gets too cold. Just irks me that we barely had enough warm weather this year and it's starting to get cold again! The weather sucks here! TTFN!

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