Saturday, 8 September 2007

>>> Actually Did Some Housework! <<<

Oh gosh!!! I cleaned the bathroom today. Usually not one of my fav chores and I avoid it as much as I can however, it has reached a stage where it was beginning to get slimy and green, yes green and I realised I couldn't ignore it further. So after sending Zac off to school, I came home, armed with rubber gloves and a scrubber, headed towards the bathroom to give it a good clean out! Have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought and I finished it up in 20 mins. Now it's sparkling! Let's see how long that will last before I do the next clean up!

I need to tackle the boys' room. They seriously need some good storage space and a writing table. Will have to take a look at Ikea's Pax system to sort something out. That goes for their clothes too. I'm fast running out of space to put their clothes and seriously need to remove their 'can't wear anymore' clothes! On the subject of that, I do need to clear my wardrobe too. I've got tons of stuff that I've not worn in years and god knows why I'm keeping them!!!! I seem to be wearing the same stuff all over so about time I get rid of those 'out of sight, out of mind' clothes! I was hoping to do that when my mom came over as she's good at throwing stuff out but the mere thought of cleaning out just reduced me to a state of immobility! Besides, majority would be her clothes as mom has a habit of buying clothes 'cos she like them and 'cos it's cheap. She has store cards that give her a discount and she indulges in spending them on clothes, some of which she hardly ever wears and passes them on to me. OK some of the stuff she buys are ok but not a lot of them which I can't find myself wearing them to be honest!!! Sigh! I seriously dread the thought of moving house.... there would be a gigantic amount of stuff to clear away. To think when we moved in here, we hardly had anything as hubby was living with his mom. Now, I shudder just to think of the stuff we have to clear from the loft alone!!! TTFN!

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