Wednesday, 26 September 2007

>>> Oo La La! <<<

I'm in a nesting mode at the present and I'm not even pregnant! Been organising my craft supplies yesterday as it has reached a dire state where I just can't bear to even look at it! Sorted out all my ribbons into ziplock baggies and colour coded them accordingly onto a book ring. Then sorted out all the papers that belonged to kits and where I've already created LOs with (mostly my DT kits). After creating 3-4 projects with them, I doubt very much I will touch them again. So in they went into my cropper hopper folders, sorted by colour of course! That was last nite!

This morning, threw out a loadful of choccies boxes... god knows why I was keeping them! So now I've got a shelf to use! Will be clearing out old mags too as I'm fast running out of space in my craft room and it's a proper bedroom on top of that! Would have sorted out all the bellies but I had to clear the pantry!

So the afternoon was spent clearing the pantry and throwing out 3/4 of the stuff in there! Hubby found evidence of mice pilfering in there and hence the clearout! True enough, found mice droppings and evidence of plastic bags broken into. Had to dig out all the tupperware that I possess to put food in it. I wiped clean all the shelves and re-arranged each shelf so that they are now sorted according to categories i.e. beverages, spices, tin food etc. Let's hope hubby will keep them the way it is as he has a knack of merely throwing stuff in there which seriously piss me right off! I'm the organised one where each and every stuff have a place to go. My logic is that if you know where they are kept, then you don't need to hunt for it. But he's the opposite, 'chuck them everywhere so that you have to hunt for it when you need it most!'

Rite, off to sort out my craft room.... got a load of stuff to chuck out/sell off and simply get rid of! TTFN!

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