Monday, 24 September 2007

>>> Peace At Last! <<<

Today marks the day where both boys are in school full time, leaving me a good 6 hours of freetime! Zac finally starts full time from today onwards and what a relief! He was beginning to get bored and was asking me when he could have his meals in school and when he could see his best friend (who incidentally is in the same school albeit different class). Oh well, he sure did have fun with his best friend and even carried on when we went over to the Juniors to pick the older kids up! He has an elder sister in Juniors too.

As for me, tidied the house, did the usual boring chores and settled down to craft. Finished off a CJ... for once, I'm on time! Then, did some ATCs for swaps! Wayyyy behind schedule for that!

Weather's awful! There's even tornado in areas in Nuneaton! Gosh, looks like summer is well and truly gone!

Was watching a documentary on ITV whereby there's another more deadly bacteria ESBL E Coli that exists in chicken from non-EU countries!!! There's only 1 group of antibiotics that can treat it and it does kills! Gosh, makes you wonder whether it's time to go vegetarian!!! Also on the news is another deadly virus that hit a cow, bluetongue and it seems the only way to stop it is for the cold weather to descend on us as it will stop the virus in its track! Can't see that happening anything soon though but who knows, with such freaky weather we have this year, might just happen! TTFN!

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