Saturday, 29 September 2007

>>> It's Friday! <<<

And there' s no food in the house! We're out of food completely, no meat, vegetable ... nothing! But I didn't mind, it means no cooking! We had our usual curry takeaway but oh what a major disappointment! Firstly the popadum was soft... as in not crunchy! That is a major crime... how on earth can you munch on crackers that is soft! It was disgusting. Then the king prawn in the curry that we ordered didn't taste fresh! Hubby was mighty suspicious and we decided against eating it. so imagine, a king prawn curry without the prawns! I was so pissed. That's it! We are no longer gonna order from that takeaway. In fact I gave it a 2nd chance as we had ordered from the store a few weeks back and hubby mentioned that the standard of quality had gone down. I decided to try again but tough! It failed badly so no way am I supporting the store again! Just in case anyone living in Birmingham thinks of ordering from them... beware of The Planet Spice located on Coventry Road! AVOID at all cost!

The hunt is on for another curry takeaway! TTFN!

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