Saturday, 8 September 2007

>>> The Routine Commences! <<<

It's Saturday and the routine has started. I'm afraid staying in bed isn't an option as Ollie has swimming lesson at 8.30am at the local baths. Then at 1.30pm, we re-enrolled him for Mandarin classes. We put Zac in too but later was told he was a wee bit too young as he's still under 5. Hence we were told to come back after Xmas but I think I'll wait till next year's enrolment as he is required to do some writing and he was concerned that he couldn't write. Well, he's still getting to grips with his pencil. We were told that it was due to insurance cover that stipulate coverage for kids 5 and above! Oh well, another year's wait won't harm him and anyway, I can teach him using Ollie's books. I really do need to speak to them in Mandarin.

The afternoon was spent in Tesco doing grocery shopping for the week. It's amazing how long one can easily spent at the supermart especially with 2 kids! I had to stock up food as my boys are getting hungrier by the day. They will start hunting for food immediately after dinner!!! Dread to think of the food bill when they hit their teens! I reckon we'll probably spend the bulk on food.

Rite, off to do some creating as deadlines are looming! TTFN!

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