Tuesday, 25 September 2007

>>> Eeks! <<<

We got mice in the house! Hubby found evidence of them raiding the food in the pantry (i.e. half eaten bread, holes in plastic bags etc). This is bad. I know they exist as we found their droppings about in the house and even in my craft room. We did set a mouse trap but failed to catch any! I've gotta clear out the pantry tomorrow and start putting stuff in containers now! What a pain! Damn the bloody mice! Have to make sure we don't leave food lying around now.

Was in Birmingham town centre this morning on a mission... to search for assessment books for my boys, notably Ollie! I'm gonna start preparing him for entry to the King Edwards Grammar School! There is absolutely no way I'm letting him go to the local secondary school as I'm not terribly impressed by the students there! I was once approached by a gal asking me to buy cigarettes for her. Also most of the gals look so 'sluttish', wearing skirts that just about covering their arses! Makes me wonder if they are there to study or to slut themselves! I just can't believe their parents would allow them to wear such short skirts in the first place and the school to allow them in! Anyway, I'm gonna start preparing my son for the entrance exams to the Grammar school! About time I put my teacher's training knowledge to good use! TTFN!

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