Thursday, 20 September 2007

>>> Finally Done It! <<<

Haircut that is! I've finally done it and had my hair cut which hasn't been near a scissors for over a year. It's been growing and getting rather unruly and needed a good trim. My phobia was going into any hairdresser as most of the time I'm so unsatisfied with the outcome. My hair is very coarse and very thick at the back and need thinning. However, I find that most English hairdressers are unable to thin my hair satisfactorily. So where did I go and cut it... at a Barbers' instead! There is this guy who's dad has the same kind of hair as I do (well, he's a Malaysian) and his son is used to cutting such type of hair. Hence, I begged him to do mine and he did a satisfactorily job. I even got him to give me a fringe! I'm pretty pleased with it. Had the chunk lobbed off and now it's shoulder's length. I used to have it tied all the time. It's great to be able to move my head freely without hair in my face! Now to condition it thoroughly as it's very dry. Was at a supermart trying to look find a suitable moisturiser hair product. Then I decided to go back to basic.... use olive oil instead! Now to find one that isn't used for cooking! I just don't want to stick too much chemicals onto my already damaged hair!

I might wack it shorter once I get used to the length! It would be too much of a shock system to suddenly go from so much hair to hardly any!!!


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Mal said...

Should have cut it even shorter!!