Sunday, 30 September 2007

>>> OMG I Saw IT! <<<


I was up at 4ish in the morning and as I was getting ready to go to bed, I saw a mouse! OMG! I had to stifle my scream otherwise the entire neighbourhood would have heard me! I think the mouse was more shocked than I was as IT scarpered away into the boiler cupboard! Woke up hubby immediately to tell him and had him accompanied me to the toilet as I couldn't bear to go in there by myself! Made him promise to get rid of the bugger! We knew IT existed as we have found mouse droppings of late and even in my craft room! But seeing IT made it too real for comfort!

Anyway, the day was spent at Junction 7 crop, worrying over the little bugger, wondering if I'm ever able to stay alone in the house with full knowledge that IT actually existed and is running about happily and sniffing around merrily!

Hubby did put out a couple of mousetraps before we went to bed... let's see what happens tomorrow.....


OMG, IT is caught! Yup, IT has been caught by a mousetrap, that hubby put in the boiler cupboard. Have to say IT looked far smaller than what I saw and grey instead of brown. The one I saw was far bigger and browner but then in that heat of the moment, I could have been mistaken! Anyway, my hair simply stood on ends when I saw IT! Took a a few photos but I'm not even gonna reveal it as it's so gross! Hubby buried the poor bugger in the the garden!

Later Carolyn, a team member on UKS recommended me this sonic device that scares off rodents. Apparently it emits a high pitch sound that only these pests can hear and it drives them nuts and they disappear! I'm gonna get them and put them in every rooms in the house! Wonder if they do one for cats! Again, nothing against cat owners but I hate it when the neighbours' cats (that there are a few of them!!!) come into our garden to pee and poo! Why the hell can't they do it in their own home. What's worst when they do it in the kids' sandpit (we do have a cover but you know how kids are... they tend to forget to cover their sandpit container after playing)! So darn annoying and their poo really stink to high heaven!!!

Anyway, I'm glad IT is caught. Now hoping there isn't anymore of IT and its relatives about! TTFN!

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