Friday, 28 September 2007

>>> More Domestic Chores! <<<

Hoovered the house thoroughly and glad to say it's sparkling clean now, free from dust! Thank goodness we only have carpet in my bedroom (haven't had the chance to decorate it yet) and the stairways (for safetly sake!) I absolutely dislike carpets as they smell over time... they somehow tend to absorb the smell within and although the occupants do not realise it, it does become evident to outsiders. When we were looking for houses 7 years ago, certain houses we viewed were a no no from the start due to the smell especially animal ones! Those who kept dogs where really very smelly. I'm sorry but the occupants may not realise it but outsiders can easily smell it outright! It absolutely put us off instantly. I'm not against people keeping pets but for goodness sake, if you are gonna sell your house, make sure the house doesn't smell of them! Apart from animal keepers, those who smoke is another smelly factor! It's amazing how you can easily smell it from the doorstep without even stepping into the house!

My BackPorch Memories Oct kit arrived. Wow, can't wait to get creating!

Heard a piece of good news! SIL is getting married! She was divorced but found a new love and he proposed on her 40th birthday! How romantic! Now I'm praying she doesn't get married next summer as we are due to go to Singapore! TTFN!

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