Tuesday, 11 September 2007

>>> Booster Jab! <<<

Poor Zac had to have his booster jab today. He had no idea what was in store for him and played happily at the clinic in the toy corner. Hubby actually came from work to give support and I'm glad he did as the experience freaked me out. Got into the nurse's room and she hadn't prepared and we were witnessed to her ramaging for the jabs.... not very reassuring! To be honest, I'm so against the jabs but hubby so darn influenced by the media, felt it was necessary! Having got her jabs ready, the nurse realised she forgotten the paper work and had to nib outside to get it! The moment came and hubby had to hold Zac firmly. The first shot given and Zac was a little stunned. He didn't cry yet but when he came to the second shot, he started to bawl a little and tried to push the nurse's hand away. So I had to restrain his hands and legs while hubby held him tightly. Poor soul really cried when the 2nd jab was given. Just as well I wasn't holding him as I would have stopped the jab!!!

Thankfully he was ok later and went off to school in the afternoon. As a reward, he did have a long play on his DS. Will have to monitor him for the next few days to make sure he doesn't suffer from any side effects.

After sending Zac to school, I went to Tesco in the hope of exchanging an overdue date item! I had bought a tin of Temptation mixed fruits and nuts on Sat and when I wanted to eat it the next day, I discovered it was more than a month overdue!!! I couldn't believe it and had to get hubby to double checked the date but there was no mistake. I can't believe Tesco would sell an overdue item to the public. At Tesco, I was told I had to go back to the original store, Tesco Solihull, if I wanted to exchange the product otherwise I could get a refund. I opted for a refund but then as the grocery was bought using hubby's credit card, hence I couldn't get a refund as I didn't have hubby's credit card with me! So I'm stuck, can't exchange nor get a refund! So darn annoying and I refused to drive the extra miles to exchange for a product that is worth 99p... my petrol expense would be more than that! Absolutely disgusted and I shot a letter of complaint to their customer service. Let's see what response I get. Here's the proof:

The irony: trying to buy something healthy to munch on and you end up with a product that is more than a month overdue!!! Normally I would check but that day I had the boys with me and they were misbehaving so I just had to grab the item quickly! Well, never again... in future I will check every item I buy as getting a refund is such a hassle! TTFN!

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