Monday, 31 July 2006

>>> Take Off! <<<

Hardly slept the nite which isn't very unusual! I was busy packing until 5am but also partly on the net too doing some last minute stuff! Had about 4 hrs sleep and I was up again, doing last minute errands. Thankfully we do not have to check in until 3pm so we had time to sort our stuff out. Managed somehow to get all the bags packed.

At 3pm, the taxi came and brought us to Birmingham Airport. Checked in counter at Lufthansa was empty. Got our boarding pass but only from Birmingham to Frankfurt. The airport staff couldn't book our onward flight from Frankfurt to Singapore ... now that was a bummer as it would mean that we might end up with separate seats!!! To make matters worst, the flight was delayed too due to bad weather. Anyway, we somehow got onto the flight and made our way to Frankfurt.

Reached Frankfurt and that's where the connecting flight fiasco happened! First we had to get the boarding pass so went to check into the Lufthansia counter where I showed the lady our flight iternary and she directed us to the SIA counter. We went there and was told it was a Lufthansa flight instead so back again to the same counter where this stupid bitch now directed us to another counter to get the boarding pass. Went there and was told that the counter was closed (it was 1 hr to departure) and that our tickets had already been booked and we had to go directly to the departure lounge!!! So off we went to the departing gate and again queued at another counter. This time headed straight for a guy instead and boy was he more pleasant than the rest of the bitches encountered (god! some of them were so testy ... probably PMS problem!!!) Anyway, he had luckily booked us in when he saw our names on the reservation and thank goodness he did as the flight was overbooked and they were offering passengers 600 euros+accomodation if they gave up their flight. He laughingly asked me if I was interested adn I laughingly told him to piss off! Got him to check our outgoing flight to see which airline we would be travelling on and was told it will be SIA. Now all this happened due to online booking as our flight iternary showed BMI (British Midlands)/Singapore Airline flight. Instead it ended up as Lufthansa/SIA instead! This will be the last time I book any air ticket online!!! Really miss my Emirate airline... Lufthansa didn't even have a screen at the back of the seat!!! And to think we paid so much for a second rated airline! Sorry but in this modern day age, any airline that doesn't provide a TV screen at the back of the seat is considered second-rate to me!

The flight was slightly delayed too due to seating problems of passengers with babies. They are usually allocated seats opposite a wall so that a bassinet can be put up for them. This flight had a few babies and as it had been overbooked, the flight attendents had problems persuading some people to give up their seats! They had to even sacrifice 2 attendents seats at the back to passengers! Eventually it was sorted and we took off!
Thankfully my boys travel well and within an hour of taking off, they were asleep. We were lucky it was a nite flight (plane left at about 10.30pm). Dinner was served at midnite but that didn't stop me from eating! I had requested a seafood meal and I was served early. Meal was great as I had fish. It was lovely!

Onflight movie was Ice Age2 (quite disappointing as I expected more recent movie!) Anyway, read the newspapers and browsed through my scrapping mags instead. Eventually, settled down to go to sleep... TTFN!

Sunday, 30 July 2006

>>> Another Busy Day! <<<

I was supposed to go to a crop but my SIL turned up with her boys and suggested going to a park so I had to cancel my plans and joined them. Can't say I was too pleased as I would have luv to have the time to myself and scrap to my heart's content!

We ended up in Birmingham Nature Centre and later Cannon Hill Park. The former was great, a fair number of animals to see and the 4 boys were mad with excitement. As for the latter, we headed towards the children playground and let them run riot! It was great to sit down and let them play to their heart's content! We even encountered 2 Vodaphone gals handing out free ice lollies too! Then it started to drizzle so we made our way back to the car and headed home.

Back home, hubby did the dinner while I did a bit of packing. The kids were out in the garden exercising their lungs as usual! I found my nephew (the one with the stinky feet) later in the boys' bedroom and oh god! he had taken off his shoes and his feet really stank!!! The entire room smelt so bad that I almost gagged! We finally got peace at 7pm and after getting the boys groomed and ready for bed, we literally vaccumed and moped the entire house and even dettolled the floors. How can a little boy's feet smell so bad??? Those pair of trainers that he wears ought to be thrown away!!! Just the thought of it makes me wanna puke!!! Such a shame really! I had been warned by my other SIL who told me about it but never expected the smell to be so bad! No wonder hubby doesn't allow our boys to wear trainers all the time! I can now understand why!!! Thankfully I'm not one who enjoys wearing trainers too ... much prefer to stick my feet in pretty sandals (something which I will be buying when I get down to Singapore... gosh they have such lovely pairs of sandals in every imaginable girliness!!! )

Finally got most of the stuff packed! As usual had to restrain hubby from bringing so much clothes... he always overbring and then wears only a quarter of what he brings... wasting luggage space! I know I have tons to bring back, namely food and a fair bit of scrapping stuff!

My dad called again to confirm our flight. Now here's the confusion... on my e-ticket it's listed as sQ2007 from Frankfurt to Singapore. However, my brother who's a flight steward with SQ informed me no such flight exist! Anyway he did give me the proper flight number! It really gets me mad when you are given the wrong info. Both the e-ticket as well as email confirmation gave me that flight number that doesn't exist! Flippin annoying. Anyway I do know we have a confirmed flight as I did call up Singapore Airlines to check and they found our reservation!

Rite, off to pack my scrap supplies now... TTFN!

Saturday, 29 July 2006

>>> BBQ! <<<

Hubby woke up at 6.30am to get food for the BBQ. He did all the preparation himself, marinated the chicken wings, vegetables and seafood. He had bought prawns, squids, cod & salmon. I made two sets of kebabs, vege & seafood. They looked really good!

Party started at 2pm. Basically it consisted of his entire family. Hubby has 3 younger sisters. In all, there were 15 people, 9 adults & 6 kids. Weather was great too, slightly overcast and windy which made sitting out so comfortable as we didn't have the heat to content with! In fact, it was just the right climate for a BBQ. As for the food, everything was wiped clean!!! There was nothing left at the end! The kids whacked the the chicken wings while the adults tackled the vege and seafood! Our BBQ is a little unconventional as I utterly dislike burgers and sausages so I will never ever get those food for BBQ!!! I absolutely luv seafood and prawns are great for BBQ especially when grilled!

The 6 kids went wild!!! They don't get to meet each other often so when they do, they really play. Screams and laughter could be heard constantly and hubby even set up a tent at the end of the garden for them. With ages ranging from 3 to 9 years, they had no problem playing with each other.

Unfortunately a blurred image, probably didn't adjust the camera setting properly and it's frustrating...!

In the evening, my SIL and her daughters decided to stay with her youngest sis to give us a chance to sort ourselves out. But the other SIL was quick to ask if her eldest could stay over as he wanted to. Well, couldn't say no could I! I wasn't too keen for the main reason that his feet smells!!! For a 6 year old, he sure as hell had smelly feet. The problem is he wear trainers all the time and trainers do make one's feet sweat! So not sure if he has aired them but whatever, it smelled bad and you don't even have to put your nose near... the fact that he was in the room was bad enough! Hubby gave him a good wash and left his trainers outside to give them a good airing!!! Thankfully in the nite, both my son and him had a game of draughts and went to bed as good as gold!

Creativity wise, didn't do much although I'm working on an altered CD frame. Gosh, got a 6x6 LO to do too! Urghh, doubt if I will get it done on time!!! Suddenly I'm finding myself out of time now! Sigh! As usual.... TTFN!

Friday, 28 July 2006

>>> Yippee! <<<

Brought Zac to the doctor's and he was given the all clear to travel and I made sure I got a doctor's note as proof too! Can never tell when you get a nasty idiot trying to stop you from flying. Reminded me of the time when I was 6 mths pregnant and awaitng a connection at Dubai airport... was stopped by this nasty airport bitch who saw me in my condition and said rather nastily "Oh you're pregant!" It was how she said it, as if I had some bloody disease! God! She must have had severe PMS that day!

After the doctor's, took the boys to Birmingham town centre where I had to get some last minute stuff. Had to hop into WH Smith to check out the scrapping stuff and bought some Prism black cardstock. I severely wish I could easily get hold of textured black cardstock at a good price as I do love using black. Not a branded snob but had to be textured. Plain cardstock just seem so bland! Also got Scrapbook Magazine and Scrapbook Inspirations to read on the plane (where they will be eventually sold off to my friends in Singapore!)

In the afternoon, took some luggage from the loft and made some attempt to pack. Sorted out the boys clothes, took about a week's clothing for them since my mom will be doing the washing everyday. In the evening, set mine aside too. Now awaiting hubby to do his as I've no idea what he wants to wear. Packed all the UK scrapping/cardmaking mags too as they have been snapped up by my friends too. Now have to deal with my scrapping stuff. Think I shall just bring the essential tools and a few bits of kits along. Seeing that I've got 4 boxes in my parents' place, need to see what stuff I've got to get rid of!

Great, hubby has this idea to have a BBQ tomorrow. As both his dad(he off for a week and normally works in Oxford) & sisters are here at the moment, including their kids, it's celebration time! Frankly, I'm not too keen and in this heat, it's utter nitemare! Let's see how tomorrow goes!

Did nothing creative today and I do need to alter a CD badly and do a coffee filter album too! Urgh... it will be a tall order!!! Rite, CSI is about to start... will do some thinking ... TTFN!

Thursday, 27 July 2006

>>> On A Roll! <<<

Yup, I'm on a roll... managed to sneak a quick LO in the wee morning. I just wanted to choose the papers but ended up doing the LO instead.

Kept it simple and hence it didn't take me too long to complete. I'm so totally in love with the 7 Gypsies 97% Boy sticker! There are lots in there and I've used it for a few LOs already. Made use of We R Memory Keepers Boho Chic papers from Back Porch Memories June Medley kit. The colours are so rich and lovely!

Later in the morning, did another LO of my eldest. I realised I don't scrap a lot of him. Most of my LOs tend to feature Zac, the little one... maybe b'cos he's so cute! Gosh, I've got to remedy that and scrap more of Ollie. I do have photos of him but somehow tend to gravitate towards the youngest...

This is a recent image of Oliver. Just had to scrap this photo as I managed to catch the lights in his eyes (well I hope I did!) Made use of Cherry Arte Seasons paper. Managed to combine this LO for 2 other purposes too. One for the ScrapiDare at Scrapitude where we had to get inspiration from either a song, movie or book. The title for this LO came from a movie called Angel Eyes starring JLo. The other purpose was to fulfil a competition requirement using beads on the LO. Hence the appearance of beads on the monogram A. Hey might as well kill 2 birds with one stone if I can! :)

Weather has calmed down a little today. It's cloudy today, thank goodness for that! The last few days have been sheer hell.

I really do need to make an attempt at packing! That's the part of travelling that I dislike... the packing and unpacking!

I discovered a scab just beneath Zac's eye has fallen off. He must have accidentally scratched it off during his sleep... my heart sank as it a fairly big one too .... will have to apply Bio Oil to try and ease the scar! I discovered this oil during my pregnancy and found that it was really good for reducing the appearance of scars. It's like a miracle oil!

SIL and her daughters arrived in the evening. Gonna be real busy this weekend... wonder if I can get away on Sunday for a crop... need some peace to myself. TTFN!

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

>>> Toot! Toot! <<<

Amidst all the chicken pox stress, I had completely forgotten to give myself a little TOOT! I've been made July Scrapper of the Month on UKScrappers Forum! I didn't even realised it when I logged on last Monday... went to the team chat and found myself being congratulated so checked the homepage and there was my LO (and it was a LO done for Scrapitude's July Guest DT too!).

These two were also singled out as well!

I'm totally chuffed to bits as there are tons of scrappers (like about 3000ish active scrappers) on the forum and I've been picked!!! Gosh, it sure as hell boosted my scrapping mojo and I managed to do 2 LOs this afternoon.

Had to scrap these pictures of my youngest attempting to dismantle the garden bench. Somehow he managed to get hold of the Z spanner and was tried to take the screw off which he succeeded! Made use of Back Porch Memories Medley kit papers (June?). Papers are from American Craft Bookshelf range and use 7 Gypsies 97% Boy stickers! This LO took about an hour to finish!

I absolutely 'heart' this LO as it records the chicken pox moments of Zac. Had a purpose to do this as there is a Fancy Pants competition on Back Porch Memories to use their products. I did this LO for the section where I had to use July kit. Gosh, it's not easy creating a LO solely on the the kit as no alphas were included so made use of the BPM July stamps instead! Somehow, competitions always bring out the creative side of me even more! The scalloped edges is an inspiration from Bazzill scalloped edge cardstock. As I don't scrap in 12x12, I've made use of the the cardstock as template instead!

Gosh, mayhem descends tomorrow as my SIL and her daughters arrive!!! No idea what time she's arriving nor if they require dinner! Hate it when I have no idea 'cos it just screws my schedule up! Oh well, if they are staying for dinner, the kids will have baked chinese chicken wings and the adults, nonya curry! There... dinner sorted!

Regarding Zac, made an appointment to see the doctor for this Friday and next Monday (when we fly off). I'm hoping by Monday he can get a clearance to fly from the doctor! Have to say the antihistamine syrup is working as he isn't complaining about itchiness anymore. Just hope it clears up the spots quickly too! Even my parents are praying real hard that we are able to make it. Dad misses the boys to bits... he can't wait to play with them and bring them out.... He's calling literally everyday to check on Zac!

Rite... off to mix papers with my photos as I've just printed new photos to scrap! TTFN!

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

>>> It's a Tough Life and Someone has to Live in it! <<<

Realised I had to do a LO for the Goal's contest at Scrapitude so cracked my brain to come up with a LO. Have been in it from the beginning of this year and just can't give it up! Looking thru' my goals, I chose the goal about the altered projects whereby I had to do at least one each month. Glad to say that I've achieved it easily. Here's the LO:

Made use of Back Porch Memories kit (can't remember which month!) but I wanted it to echo the colours of altered projects in the picture. Papers are from City Centre Designs West Village. The hardest part was to include lyrics from a song so I managed to find one from Macy Grey entitled 'Do Something'. Other requirements included 3 patterned papers from the same brand, an envelope, an item from Scrapitude store & journalling.

Regarding Zac, well, got antihistamine syrup for him as well as bran oats for his bath. The latter was something I used when he had severe skin rashes when he was a baby. It did help clear it and I'm hoping it will also help soothe his poxies! My main intention is to try and clear the spots on his face so that it wouldn't be so noticable at the airport. I can easily hide those on his arms and legs but it's impossible to cover up his face!

Just been informed by other half that his sister from Poole is coming up this Thursday with her daughters and staying at our place. Frankly not very keen about it as
i) not in any mood to receive visitors,
ii) with the current weather so flippin hot, I'm in my most comfortable outfit i.e jammies all day (hey, can't go out so might as well be comfortable!) Having visitors would mean having to dress up!!! Let's hope she hangs out at her mom's most of the day!!! P.S. usually she would stay at her mom's but her other sister is there too with her sons!
iii) with Zac having chicken pox, I really don't want him mixing with his cousins in case he's accidentally scratched... being very anal about it but I don't want holes in his face due to no fault of his!!!
iv) Hubby is also compulsively obsessive about tidiness when we have visitors... he thinks his house has to look like a hotel! Drives me literally up the wall 'cos he will hide the kids' toys. The kitchen will look as if it's untouched & unused!!! It's for this reason I don't invite people to the house anymore as we have massive quarrel over it. He gets so bloody uptight about guests, wanting to make sure everything is just RIGHT! Bloody FREAK he is! I am so NOT looking forward to Thursday!!! There goes any opportunity of scrapping too!

Feeling mightly pissed now.... TTFN!

Sunday, 23 July 2006

>>> Another Breakout! <<<

Oops! Forgotten to blog on Sat and so much news too!
Yup, this household has seen another breakout of chicken pox. This time Zac broke out in pox and boy has he got it bad... it's literally all over his body and a fair bit on his face. As usual, calamine lotion was applied but he did kick up a bloody fuss and had to be persuaded to allow us to apply it on his face. Once he had gotten over it, he kept insisting on the lotion to be applied every few minutes! He looks like a little white ghost now!
As for the impending trip, well, we have got 9 days so will have to see what happens! I don't even want to speculate and will just have to pray as hard as I can for a miracle to happen!
Went to bed early and didn't even watch CSI! However, was interrupted a few times in the nite by the little mite screaming for the lotion to be applied! Sigh!

Spent the day at home, sponging my little one with calamine lotion. More spots are coming out and it's really heartbreaking especially when he asks why he has it. What can I say? Tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Really wished the chicken pox jab is given freely in this country as I've asked the doctor and was told that it wasn't recommended. Surpised at how they push for the MMR and yet the jab for chicken pox is ignored! Seeing how my poor kid is suffering, I would have preferred him to be vaccinated!

Friday, 21 July 2006

>>> Last Day! <<<

It was Oliver's last day in school. He wore his casual clothes to school and brought along a toy (his teddy bear, he couldn't find any others or we just haven't bought him enough! :)) with him. I got him to give out the pressies for his teachers as well as the office staff & Headmaster as they have been brillant in the running of the school! Gosh, can't believe he will start Year 2 in little boy is now getting bigger! One thing good about the holidays is no more school runs i.e. having to get up at 8am every morning! It will be nice to chill out in jammies all day long!

Felt so lethargic this afternoon that both Zac and I took a nap with the fan blasting away. I made sure I had set the alarm to wake me up for school run.

Later in the evening, did a mini album and made use of The Scrapbook Stand August 05 kit which had been lying around untouched and unused. I had to do a summer theme album for a competition and the summer papers that came with the kit proved useful!

There's 10 more days to go before we leave but I'm keeping an eye out for Zac as he still shows no sign of any poxies! This is so annoying... not knowing whether it's coming out or not! I don't even want to feel excited at all but I will make an attempt to start packing this weekend and put away the stuff that is needed to be brought to Singapore! Thankfully we are allowed 80kg but doubt if I will use them up as I try not to bring so much so that I can carry more stuff back!

Off to complete the album.... TTFN!

Thursday, 20 July 2006

>>> Just Another Day! <<<

The day started out cool but humid as it had rained in the night but then it went back to being sunny by mid-day. Luckily it wasn't very hot so it was quite bearable.

Spent the afternoon putting the finishing touches to my son's teachers' gift. Halfway, was interrupted by my best friend (from Shanghai) who came online and we chatted for a while. I showed her what I was doing and she showed me some brush paintings that she was doing for a friend as well. She's hoping to be able to pop into the UK sometime in Sept and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It will be so nice to see her again!

Hubby returned home early from London where he had meetings there and brought the boys out for a walk. In the midst of finishing up the gifts, was interrupted again, this time by a friend from Singapore. She wanted me to teach some classes for her while I'm there so I said I would think of a class for her. I think we chatted for a good hour and I was wondering what she was doing up so late at nite ( it was like 2am there!) Oh there goes any chance of finishing my project as the boys and hubby returned and we had dinner thereafter.

That's one reason why I 'heart' the net so much... my gateway to the world and communication! For a fraction you pay for broadband, you can literally talk to anyone in the world! Not surprising I get cold turkey when I'm off it for more than a day!!!

Can't wait to get the gifts out of the way 'cos it will make way for scrapping! Dying to scrap as I've got competitions, challenges and whatever to do and just don't have the time for it! Looking forward to my kits (Hybrid and the new Trilogy) from Homegrown too. The colours are just smashing!!!! Only problem is that it takes at least 10 days to arrive her! :( It should arrive by next week hopefully.

Finally finished the gifts but not after watching CSI first! :)

The tins & cards are for the teachers while the 3 glass jars are for the staff in the office as well as the headmaster. Think they have done a brillant job running the school.

Now to get back to proper scrapping....TTFN!

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

>>> Far Too Hot! <<<

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year, with temperature climbing up to 35 deg celcius! Hot isn't the word but sweltering and scorching is!!! It was just unbelievably unbearable!

Today is also Zac's last day at his PreSchool. Brought him to the Preschool for their end of year Party and later, parents were invited back at 1130 hrs for the certificate presentation. I finally managed to get the clipboard calendar made on time:

Bought some glass jars from Ikea, alcohol inked it and filled it up with choccies.

Kinda feel sad that he's leaving the Preschool. He had really enjoyed going there and looked forward to each session! The teachers were quite teary at the good-byes.. why not, they have known these kiddos for a good school year and are aware of their quirks etc. Looks like they have to start all over in September again!

Didn't do much in the afternoon. Instead, stayed in my bedroom where I've got a standing fan and perused my new books. Even then it was still quite warm! Told hubby I wasn't doing any cooking as it was far too hot. He suggest having salad which was fine by me! Have to say, it was good not to be eating meat! This extreme weather is just making me feel ever so cranky!!!

Later in the nite, watched a triple bill of CSI on Living TV... pure total bliss! I think my total of LO creation for this month will dip trememdously... loads of photos to scrap but just not in the mood! TTFN!

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

>>> More Books! <<<

Whoopee! Postie brought me my new books from IdeaBooks4U. I had ordered 3 books from them, the Me Book, Ali Edward new one and Scrapbook Etc Photography. I've read great reviews about the latter as it was written specifically for scrapbookers in mind. Can't wait to have a good browse through them or perhaps should keep one for the plane trip!!!

My dad asked me about the camera that he has bought for us, Nikon Coolpix 7900. While it takes great picture on non-moving objects, it's suck for moving objects namely kids! Firstly you need to press the shutter halfway down for it to focus and by the time you do that, any nice pose you wanted to capture is gone! Kids don't pose for cameras, period! Hence I've ended up with numerous blurred pictures for not allowing the camera to focus properly. Really pissing me off! Anyway, he told me he would get me a new one and he will take over the Nikon camera! Now let's see if he can be persuaded to get me a SLR instead!!!

It's time for me to blog on the Homegrown Blog and as my role as a 8.5x11" sketch designer, here's what I've come up:

Here's my interpretation of the sketch:

Finally made use of my Paper Heart Studio Expresso collection papers! Revamp the Fancy Pants chipboard swirl a little. Kinda like this new style that I'm trying out!

Spent the afternoon making a clipboard calendar. Had to force myself to do it as I'm getting so lethargic these days... not helped by the sweltering weather either! TTFN!

Monday, 17 July 2006

>>> Happy Birthday Ollie! <<<

My not so little boy turns 6 today! Gosh, time has really flown and can't believe how fast he has grown! He was ever so excited and was very patient with regards to cutting his cake and opening his presents! I told him he had to wait till the evening for his Dad and his Nan to arrive. And he did! He went to school as per normal with a bag of choccies for his friends.

In the meantime, had to pop into Woolworths to get wrapping paper as well as more pressies for him. He had begged for a magnetic thingy that can fixed into various designs so I got him that and a few more bits! Then I realised he has lots of Lego stuff so kept a few boxes back since I've got another 2 more weeks to keep them entertained! Can't give him everything at one go!!!

Anyway the evening came and I made his fav dish... baked chicken wings! I swear there were at least 30 pieces on the plate but it was wiped clean by the time dinner ended! Then the celebration began! He stuck the candles in, we sang the birthday song, he made a wish and blew the candles! Then he got excited about the presents and couldn't wait to open them all!

On a sour note... the cake sucks! I knew I should have ordered a Chinese cake... it would have taste far better and not so dry and sweet as the one he wanted! Think in future I shan't ask him but will just order it!

On the scrapping side, finished up a LO based on a sketch that I created! I'm in charge of creating 8.5x11 sketches on the Homegrown Blog and it's my turn tomorrow. Had fun doing it and had a slight accident by pasting a paper the wrong way round. I only realised it too late when I had already put rubons on it and even scanned it! So had to take it out, use Un-do to remove the rubons (ho! ho! it does remove!!!) and redo that section! Looks better now!

Blame it on the weather!!! It was a scorcher today and I just couldn't take the heat! I actually perspired and absolutely hate that sticky feeling!

Gosh, I do desperately need to do my calendar clipboard but I'm just so lethargic ... Might just lie down for a short rest!!! TTFN!

Sunday, 16 July 2006

>>> New Washing Machine! <<<

Our mission today is to get a new washing machine. First stop at Costco to check it out but they didn't have what we wanted. Saw tons of Heidi Swapp embellishment kit though! Then MIL decided to have the boys at her place so that we could search for it (she had come along with us). This is one modern day invention that I just can't do without especially as my dirty washing basket becomes full in just one day! This is one housework I kinda luv doing... can't say much for the aftermath i.e. folding the clothes! Absolute chore and the worst is ironing... thankfully the only ironing stuff is hubby's shirts. I know of others who even iron bedsheets and underpants??? Talk about too much free time!!!

Went to Comet in Solihull where we found a Hoover one that was exclusive to Comet. It fitted our description only just so we decided to look around. Popped over to Currys which was nearby but they had nothing we wanted. Then we decided to pop to another Comet near our place and viola! found the exact spec and model that we wanted and best of all, it was on sale too for just under £300! Unfortunately the store didn't have any in stock that we could take away but we were told of another that did so off we went. Somehow the machine actually fitted into the back of my car, with all the seats folded down of course! We went for a Hoover with 7.5kg load and a spin speed of 16oo! It had all the settings I wanted including settings for handwash, sports etc. Most of all, it's energy efficient which is one of the main criteria... It had to be triple A, energy, spin and .... We chose a Hoover brand as our previous was a Hoover too and so is our dryer and fridge! They function well so might as well stick to something that works! Guess who will be doing loads of washing tomorrow? :)

I've got another few more cards to do as well as make a calendar clipboard for my son's PreSchool. Just felt what I'm giving isn't enough! They have done wonders for my youngest and just felt the need to repay that!

I did a scraplift challenge on Scrapitude based on Becky's LO seen here. Those who took part came up with some amazing LOs and the interpretation of the original LO was amazing! Here's mine:

Made use of Fancy Pants Frou Frou papers, Heidi Swapp embellishments and a few stamps. Ohh, just luv my stamps! Pictures were of Zac who attended the 'Animal Man' show where he came and displayed all his creepy crawly creatures. Luv the photo of Zac with the snake around him... what an adorable face! Hope he remembers all this when he grows up!

Prepared my papers and bellies for another LO that needs to be done! Gosh, another week of frantic creating from tomorrow onwards as it is the last week of the school term! Zac ends his on Wednesday while Ollie, on Friday! Gosh can't believe that a school year has gone... time really flies! TTFN!

P.S. Accidentally use MS Internet Explorer to blog and as usual, it refused to upload images. Hence, had to switch to Mozilla Firefox instead which uploaded images perfectly even multiple images at different times! Blessed the brains of those who created an alternative to Microsoft software!!!

Saturday, 15 July 2006

>>> Birthday Gifts! <<<

As it's Ollie's birthday on Monday, and he wanted a Lego set, we went to the Lego store in Birmingham town centre. Gosh, he was ever so excited when we got there... couldn't contain his excitement and was squealing in delight at everything set he saw. He finally picked a Lego watch and a police van set. He's actually pretty good at making up his own cars once he has done the initial one.

Here's Ollie trying to fix a skeleton. Gosh they do have very cute Lego figures!

Here's Zac getting all excited about Lego animals. He luvs elephants but seeing that he does possess a family of Lego elephants, had to gently steer him away towards something more interesting!

Later we had tim sum at a Chinese restaurant and the boys sat well and ate their food. We're normally a little wary about bringing them to public eating places as they have a tendency to get bored easily and start running around. Thankfully as they are now getting bigger, it's not so much a hassle now.

MIL has returned home after staying at her daughter's house to help look after her grandsons. She was hopitalised for a cist problem but thankfully is on the mend. Anyway, she called and asked to her my boys so we went over where they literally drained off her energy!

Our washing machine has conked out! On Thursday, it made a loud, booming noise during the last few minutes of the spin. Terrified me and my boys. Told hubby and he had a look at it, tried a short spin and the machine worked fine. Then he put some clothes in and viola! it started the noise at the spin. He concluded that the shock absorbers were gone and it would cost about £100 to repair it. Given that these days, it's far cheaper to get a new one than to repair, he went for that option. Also the machine has been well worked for the last 7 years! It has served us well...

On the creative front, I'm July's Scraptitude Guest DT on the forum and my LOs were revealed today so I can now publish them here.

Papers are from Junkitz Rhythm and initially when I first received them, it threw me off completely as it isn't the colours I would pick but not one to give up the challenge, gave my grey cells a workout and came out with some decents LOs and cards.

Off to watch CSI. Channel 5 used to show the 2nd series of CSI New York but it has ended and they now show repeats of CSI Vegas. As usual, Living TV has CSI Vegas every night at 11pm. Pure Bliss! TTFN!

Friday, 14 July 2006

>>> Fete! <<<

Zac had a Teddy Bear Party in his PreSchool today. Had to bring Ollie with me as I didn't send him to school. He's ok to go but as he still has some scabs on his face, thought it was safer having him with me as he does play with a particular rough boy in his class! Day was brillant although it did start with a bit of chilling wind! The Party was in the morning and later in the afternoon, he had his PreSchool session. There was a bit of accident .... he scraped his sore knee and somehow made it bleed and became hysterical. The school teacher called me but unfortunately I had left my mobile at home and was out at the shops. When I got back, quickly ran her back but by then, he had calmed down and was ok. They had bandaged his knee but didn't put a plaster as they weren't sure if he's allergic to plasters (these days, they have to get permission to put a plaster on in case the child is allergic to it! And yet if a teenage girl goes for abortion, she doesn't need to tell their parents!!! Defies logic I find!!!)

The problem with Zac is he has been picking at his scab and cause it to bleed constantly! Tonite, we bandaged his knee in the hope that the following morning he won't be rushing into my room crying about his bleeding knee!

On the creativity front, buckled down to do some work that is for competitions as deadline is tomorrow. In the afternoon, altered a journal cover according to requirements. Thankfully I have already a journal which I carry in my hangbag to jog down notes/ideas when I'm out and about. Here's my effort:

Wish I had my stamps with me as majority of them are in Singapore! However, did my best with what I got!

Later in the nite, did a LO with multiple photos! Been meaning to scrap those photos and so glad I did! Will reveal it later....TTFN!

Thursday, 13 July 2006

>>> Daily Grind! <<<

Well, today is the last day for Zac's Playgroup! Brought his teachers' gift and left him to enjoy his last day. When I went to pick him up, they have somehow gotten his handprint on the cert along with a lovely child quote. Will try to find a frame to hang it up.

In the afternoon, went to see the doctor to get him to feel in the medical certificate required for the insurance claim. He examined Ollie and certify him fit for flying.... urrghhhh! Anyway, he mentioned that the incubation period for Zac is 12 days so I'm waiting with baited breath to see if that little mink will break out... I just hope he doesn't as he luvs to pick his scab. He had a fall on his knee and scraped it bad. Saw it healing nicely with the scab on last nite but this morning he came to my room crying about the pain on his knee! He must have unconsciously picked it and it was bleeding. By the end of the day, the scab was completly gone and he had a good moan about the pain... I swear he does it purposely to feel the pain!!! Anyway, gone sidetrack I have... that medical certificate cost me £13... imagine, just to get the doctor to fill it in!!!

It was parents' evening at Ollie's school so hubby went along instead. Found out that 5 other kids are also down with chicken pox... they probably played with each other! Anyway got his school report and it was ok... he's quite strong in his numbers but rather weak on writing. Frankly I just don't know why they make they write at this young age. I would much prefer they learn a foreign language instead! They got years ahead of them to do writing. It would have been better if they learnt a foreign language so that they won't appear to be so linguistically disadvantaged vis-a-vis the Europeans! Majority of the Europeans are effectively bilingual if not trilingual. Only in this country that they are monolingual and even so, can't even speak their own language properly! I used to think everyone here spoke like the news readers on BBC (you see and hear them on BBC World overseas). Hence, when I came over, it was a big shock to find most not speaking the Queen's English! Call me naive but when I found hubby (then boyfriend) couldn't even spell, that blew me apart! I'm glad I was taught the language properly! Guess who will be teaching my boys the English language ... and I'm not even English!!!

Did a LO in the afternoon. I had to use fabric for this LO so used my new fabric strips that I received from Shoebox Trims.

Not sure what to think about it. I kinda like the simply, 'messy' style that shows some cardstock instead of totally covering it! Been looking at a couple of gallery on 2Peas and that kind of LO really appeal to me. Probably will be seeing more of this style as I experiment with it!

Great! The house is emptied of food again... seems to be a normal occurence these days... literally cleaned the fridge out! No meat, vegetables, or fruits! Sent hubby out to the supermarket otherwise I've nothing to cook tomorrow! I don't stock a lot of frozen stuff as I've only a very small freezer! Also, not a fan of microwave food either! I much rather cook my food so that I know what goes into it. Firm believer if I feed my kids well, they are less likely to fall sick and not see a doctor or go to a hospital... this country's healthcare system leaves much to be desired!

Gosh, got a big craving for chocolates (and nope, not preggo!!!) ... after that Cadbury fiasco, not touching those choccies for a long time. Desperately need my chocco fix as it a mighty boost to scrapping too!

Rite, off to see if I can do some scrapping as there's no Grey's Anatomy tonite... darn, all my fav TV programmes have ended their series and I'm now suffering from serious withdrawal symptons! See if I can get some creativity work done instead!!! TTFN!

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

>>> Taking Off Eventually! <<<

Well, today was supposed to be the most exciting day... flying off but instead I'm stuck at home and going about the normal grind of life! Anyway, spent the morning looking for new flights. Called a few travel agents and was greeted by "it's a busy period.... " Flippin' heck! I know but surely there must be a few seats left somewhere! Anyway hunted around and found another flight date online. Obviously we can't get the flight fares that we had booked previously! After checking with hubby, we are now booked to leave on 31st July and moi & kiddos returning on 29th Aug while hubby will return earlier! The weird part of booking online is checking the different dates and getting different fares. It's amazing that a day can make a difference in fares! Anyway, we were previously booked to fly on Emirates (my fav airline) but now we're flying with Singapore Airlines(SQ)... wow! I've never flown on them before due to their fares being higher than the rest. We will be taking BMI (British Midlands) to Frankfurt and changing to SQ all the way to Singapore. Hubby is also keen to fly that airline too. Let's hope it lives up to their status! Now I need to change hubby's flight to leave earier. I did try to book it separately but when there is only 1 person, the fare was over £100 more whereas if I had booked for 2 adults and 2 children, the fare was cheaper! Now that's weird... why should 1 person have to pay more than for a family!!! So in the end, after juggling with dates, finally found a suitable price range. I had no intention of spending only 3 weeks in Singapore so gonna stay the whole month of August! I supposed spending almost 5 weeks is better than nothing!

Spent the afternoon finishing up the cards/gifts for my youngest son's teachers. Tomorrow is his last day at Playgroup!

So glad I've booked the flight! Checked at nite online and couldn't find the same price range that I paid in the morning! Need to call up the agent to ensure that the kids meal are booked as well as flight seats! Nothing worst than a separation of seats!!! TTFN!

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

>>> Total Recall! <<<

Had to cancel the entire flight completely as changing to another date wasn't even an option due to so many technicalities. Got hubby to do it as I just couldn't bring myself to do it! So now I'm stuck in this country for the summer... what a daunting thought!!! Can't say who is more disappointed, moi or my dad. He called to ask if we are coming on another date. Felt sorry for him as he had looked forward to seeing his grandsons! (Doubt if he's expecting any from my brothers as both are still single and doesn't look at all if they are gonna tie the knot!!!)

Zac woke up this morning completely cleared... no spots whatsoever....weird!!! Anyway, sent him off to Playgroup where he had his Teddy Bear Party. Oliver's spots are clearing well. No more new spots out and he's just as active as before... you would have thought he be lying in bed but nope, still the same old self. Now I'm worried that he might accidentally scratch himself!

Didn't want to mope so did more 'Thank You' cards as I realised I had forgotten another 6 more teachers! Here's my effort!

Have to say it's forcing me to use my numerous A4 cards that I had.
It's amazing how easy and quickly I churned them out.
Made complete use of my stamping and blossoms
and even some ribbons and buttons!

Had no mood to do any scrapping so watched a triple bill of CSI instead! TTFN!

Monday, 10 July 2006

>>> Flight Chaos! <<<

Called up the travel agent to try and sort alternative flight date and despite her attempts, there isn't any seats available flying out on the dates that we want. Tried changing airports and still no luck. Eventually hubby had to take over as I was sinking further and further into desperation and depression and wasn't thinking straight! Just can't bear the thought of spending the entire summer in this country!

Eventually hubby sorted out something... like leaving on the 20th Aug and returning 10 Sept... 3 weeks there... gosh, if I had wanted to go for 3 weeks, I wouldn't have picked the summer period to go... I was supposed to be there for 8 weeks!

Later in the evening, discovered spots on Zac and by the look of it, he's gonna get it far worst than Oliver! I will definitely have to put his hands in mittens as he luvs picking at scabs! Bummer!

Out of frustration, decided to do some 'Thank You' cards. Can't do anything that is beyond my control! Anyway, made use of blossoms and my Rhonna Farrer stamps.

Looks odd at the moment as somehow, it tends to look a bit concave when you photograph it. Glad to have made use of my numerous blossom lying around. Played with my chalk inks and the flourishes and swirls stamps. Great fun! (p.s. copyright to moi of course!)

Will have to call the travel agent tomorrow to inform her of cancellations..... sigh! TTFN!

Sunday, 9 July 2006

>>> Down But Not Out! <<<

The depressing thought of not flying lingered the whole day and I just couldn't do anything at all! Made a heartfelt attempt at completing the glass jars but gave up and spent the afternoon watching TV or rather in between naps!

Watched the finals of the World Cup and felt sorry for Zidane when he got sent off... he was obviously provoked into head-butting the Italian chap and served him right too. He must have said something very insulting to receive such treatment. Pity France lost as I wanted them to win!

Ollie's chicken pox seemed to be progressing well. He shows no signs of fever and has been keeping himself busy playing Lego.

Later at nite, managed to complete inking the jars and made some 'thank you' cards too. Just need to fill them with choccies now! TTFN!

Saturday, 8 July 2006

>>> Season Finale! <<<

Gosh, all my fav TV programmes are coming to a close... CSI Las Vegas ends next Tuesday, CSI New York ended today, Grey's Anatomy last Thursday, Desperate Housewives a few weeks back... I'm gonna get withdrawal symptons for not having anything to watch on TV!!! Thank goodness Living TV still show repeats of CSI!!!

Dragged myself out of the house to go to Ikea to pick up some glass jars required for my son's teachers' gifts. With about 6-8 teachers, I just don't have the time and energy to make individual gift so will decorate the jar and fill it with choccies... can't go wrong with that!

Poor Ollie has been moaning about itchiness... thank god for calamine lotion. The worst place he got was in his bum! There isn't a lot of spots on him (thankfully) but there's a few on his face and that's where I'm most concerned as we have been drumming into him about not scratching the spots!!! Once they break into scabs, will have to think of ways to put his hands into protective gears!

Received some bad news about my sis-in-law. She has been hospitalised for a week and went into surgery last night. She has a cist on her ovary and has been in pain. Anyway, it was operated upon and she lost a great deal of blood and had to have blood transfusion. Hubby will pop into the hospital to see her tomorrow. My sympathies for her as she has been suffering from such a problem for a while. I can hope that she won't suffer anymore after this surgery.

Cleared up my craft table this morning as it was getting to a state where I could no longer work on it. Threw out loads of small scraps and rearranged my printers and put a little drawer unit to store some stash. I need a complete reorganisation of my stash as currently they are simply chucked into a pizza box and I've reached a stage where I hardly use any as I don't know what I really got. Think I will have to go for total reorganisation of my scrap materials!!! Thankfully I've cut down on my kits and have imposed a stash diet. I just need to use what I've got instead of buying more stuff!

Rite, need to decorate another tin ... TTFN!

Friday, 7 July 2006

>>> This Can't Be Happening! <<<

Well, brought my son to the Doc who confirmed that he has chicken pox and what's worst, he's still infectious! So that mean my youngest is more likely to get it as well! Man this can't be happening to me! It couldn't have happened at the most inappropriate time especially since we are leaving next Wednesday! (Thank goodness we bought insurance!!!) Not sure how to proceed as postphoning the flight would cost us each £75 (just to change the date ... daylight robbery!) On the other hand, doubt if Emirates will let us fly with a chicken pox kid! Doc did mention that once it has start turned to scab, it's no longer infectious! Hubby has suggested I fly out with the little one first and he and Ollie will join us later... my only worry is that he can't even get seats at later dates.... there is gonna be an Internation Monetary Fund meeting in Singapore in August so flights going there will be quite full. I can only hope.....

Did some scrapping to ease the tension in me... anyway had to do this LO for a competition I'm in at another forum.

Had to do this to certain requirement i.e Halloween theme recipe card. Didn't fancy doing one with a real recipe as it would be useless to me so racked my brains and came up with an abstract idea for recipe. Had to ensure the colours black and purple was in, as well as a spider and some doodling. Guess I fulfilled the requirements. Kinda like how it turned out especially the colour combination.

Well, feeling better now... TTFN!

Thursday, 6 July 2006

>>> Not Chicken Pox! <<<

My son moaned about a little pimple near his heel during dinner time. Later as I was giving him his bath, noticed more 'pimples' on his back! Hubby thinks it might be chicken pox! OH NOOOOOO! Not when we are due to fly out next Wednesday. Will have to bring him to the doctor tomorrow for confirmation!!!

Spent the afternoon adding the finishing touches to a Maya Road tin for my son's teachers. It's looking good. I've got another one to do.

Watch the season's finale for Grey's Anatomy! McDreamy will have to decide whether he wants his girlfriend or wife! I just love that show. Let's see if I can get hold of Season 2 in Singapore seeing that it has already been shown there!!! TTFN!

Wednesday, 5 July 2006


Ho Ho! Germany crashed out of the World Cup due to 2 last minute goals from Italy. Must have been a shocker for them!!! Talking about soccer, my brother sent me this funny clip. Check it out here. Had a good time laughing my head off!!!

While the kids were out at school, managed to decorate a Maya Road tin for my son's teacher. Slow progress though and heart really not into it at all!!! I'm experiencing a slow down at the moment. I know I got things to do and just can't bring myself to do it! So frustrating!!!

Managed to sell off some of my card and scrapping magazines on The Scrapper's Loft forum. Thankfully it has freed up some space on my bookshelf!!! Just have to pack them in the luggage!

Didn't do much scrapping at nite... too much distraction on TV, the World Cup semi between France and Portugal which France won! (Hooray!) Then another triple bill of CSI too which I've not seen before (tendency to show repeats sometimes! Wish they show the series according!)

So proud of my eldest. He takes violin lessons in school once a week which I've to be there (to take note and to learn). Anyway, the week before, he was taught Twinkle Twinkle Little Star tune. First time he practised, I had to read the notes to him. Then today, we practised again (I know, I should make him practise everyday ...) and he told me not to read the notes as he already knew it!!! My jaw dropped as he played the tune by heart! Perhaps my dream of seeing him play in the Royal Albert Hall might materialise one day! :) Now I'm thoroughly impressed! I try not to push him but if he takes to music naturally, that's a good sign!!!

I think I had better start packing for our trip... every time we go, I end up staying up into the wee hours of the morning just packing! Best put away the clothes that I'm bringing with me... luckily, I'm not bringing much for the boys as I find the clothes bought here in the UK are far too thick and warm to be worn in Singapore which has a temperature of 30 deg cel average and high humidity. The boys will probably be in their vest and underpants all day! As for myself, will bring little too as I will most likely buy some clothes there. I have great difficulty buying clothes in this country due to my petite size (not being the average size here is a major disadvantage! Most clothing don't fit me too well and at times have to rummage the teenages section!) Will probably bring my essential scrapping tools there too, no doubt there will be scrapping opportunities for sure! I want to go a light as possible 'cos I know when I come back, the luggage will be filled to the brim with stuff (past experiences!!) TTFN!

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Woh! Just had a PM from a friend regarding some scrapping activities in Singapore. Firstly there's a crop coming up on the 15th and a 7 Gypsies costume party to be held at a local scrapbooking store on the 21st which my friend will kindly make reservation for me. I think I've to give the crop a miss as my family will be heading out to Indonesia to a kelong to do a spot of fishing! This time we want to stay at least a week, as in the past it was usually about 4 days and it just wasn't enough time... just when the fun begin, you had to pack and leave! Unfortunately we will have to pay at least US$25 each for the Brits in my family as they require a visa that is more than 4 days! It's no wonder why I'm keeping my Singapore passport and refuse to apply for a British one (dual citizenship isn't allowed in my country). Right now I can go about anywhere visa-free... USA, China, most EU countries, most Asian countries! Doesn't make sense to give up something good, does it??? Hubby would have to get visa to go to China, Indonesia, not sure where else!!!!

Talking about party, the Costume Party begins at 10.30pm till next day at 6pm... obviously it's an overnite crop event too! Wow! That will be fun! That's what I luv about Singapore, the nite life is fab! You can find food stores especially opening at midnite till the next morning for those insomniacs! Now counting down the days to fun! fun! fun!

Didn't do anything creative... mind's slowly shutting down! Think I shall watch a triple bill of CSI instead! TTFN!

Monday, 3 July 2006


Another scorching day! Great for washing and I did two loads of it! Need to buy stuff for my sons' teachers but just couldn't bring myself to go out!

Here's a 8.5x11" sketch that I created:

My role on Homegrown blog is to create the 8.5x11" sketches. I absolutely adore this size as I find doing LOs in 12x12" a wee bit daunting, not to mention no motivation at all. When I first started scrapbooking, I had a lot of half-finished 12x12" LOs and I just couldn't complete them. Eventually I switched to 8x8" and was churning out more LOs. Then I tried this size last year as part of my A-Z album and it was a blast! Since last Oct, I permanently switched to this size and have love it ever since! My problem is getting albums to fit the LO size. Not many LSS stock them and it's such a pain.

Here's my take on the sketch!

I made use of Blond Moments Sugar Dumpling papers and they are such good quality too. I had difficulty tearing it actually!

Fridge was literally cleaned out of food so we went to the big Asda which I wasn't so keen as their fresh food department is literally rubbish! I much prefer Tesco but hubby wanted to buy some golf balls and they don't sell them in Tesco! So for the sake of golfballs, I had to sacrifice and true enough, I couldn't get much fresh food as 1, the shelf was near empty... they didn't even have garlic!!! I use tons of garlic in my cooking!!! 2, could find any frozen food that I wanted i.e. onion rings! Piss the hell outta me! Besides, my sons dislike the shephard pie from Asda... probably taste awful! Their non-perisable items are cheap but they are sadly lacking in the fresh food department! TTFN!

Sunday, 2 July 2006

Another Mundane Day

It was scorching today! I refused to go outdoors as it was so darn hot. Stayed indoors and did a bit of housework! Meanwhile my two boys were out playing in the garden and created carnage there! The youngest torn down a branch of flowers and somehow in between the afternoon, both broke off 2 lovely rose flowers and pulled their petals apart!!! Why on earth did God gave me boys!!!! Hubby eventually came back from his golfing trip and cleared the garden! I absolutely dislike gardening!

On the creativity front, manage to do a LO based on a 8.5x11 sketch which will be up on Homegrown blog on Tuesday! Made use of Blond Moments Sugar Dumplings papers!

Went off to bed early or rather watch CSI! It was just too hot to do any scrapping at nite! TTFN!

Saturday, 1 July 2006

Day of Gloom!

For England that is! They lost the match on penalities (2 - 1 to Portugal)... heartbreaking to see those grown men crying their eyes out but frankly they are really bad at penalities. They had the chance to score but they just couldn't hit the ball into the net.... makes me wonder if they actually do practice keeping balls into the net! It was such a tense moment as well! So we now have European teams for the semi-finals. Wouldn't be surprised if Germany and France end up playing with each other! I guess that will be the end of England flags flying on cars, from houses etc.

It was a scorcher today. Brillant weather but ohhhh so hot! I kept indoors as it was miles cooler than being outdoor! I really must dig out the standing fan from the loft! I just can't sleep in this heat!

Managed to do a Scrapi-Dare this afternoon. The Scrapitude forum just started a Dare challenge and the theme was to have a colour as a title. Henceforth my LO:

Chose the colour Blue to scrap about those blue moments I have some days especially with regards to Motherhood! I would say this LO would form part of the Book of Me album. I scrap to record about events/moments in time and I wanted to record my feelings of inadequacy at times as a Mom. I'm not perfect but I'm trying.... as hard as I can! I used papers from SassafraLass Dreamy collection and made use of the alpha chipboard from my Heidi Swapp kit. Ohh and not forgetting the Rhonna Farrer Flourishes stamps... just luv those stamps to bits! Finally made use of the Prima luscious flowers too. Got that in a kit but never had the chance to use them!

I did a tag last nite for a competition at another forum (yeah, luv competition!) And I'm gonna use it on my AMM Totetally Cool Tote! From the time I bought that bag till now, it still has the AMM label on it so last nite I substituted it for the tag. At last, it is now personally my tote with my face on it!

Went totally pink on this (although my tote is green but I think it's a nice colour combo!) I don't get much chance to scrap in pink so any opportunity I get, I splash it out completely!

Ohhh, I just found out that I won the Summer competition at Back Porch Memories forum (another forum that I hang out too). We had to do LO depicting how to keep cool and I submitted two. Woo Hoo! Looking forward to more stash coming my way!

Well, I've completed my DT assignments so off to scrap for myself. Got another pinkish LO to do coupled with watching my fav TV show CSI! What a nite! TTFN!