Wednesday, 19 July 2006

>>> Far Too Hot! <<<

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year, with temperature climbing up to 35 deg celcius! Hot isn't the word but sweltering and scorching is!!! It was just unbelievably unbearable!

Today is also Zac's last day at his PreSchool. Brought him to the Preschool for their end of year Party and later, parents were invited back at 1130 hrs for the certificate presentation. I finally managed to get the clipboard calendar made on time:

Bought some glass jars from Ikea, alcohol inked it and filled it up with choccies.

Kinda feel sad that he's leaving the Preschool. He had really enjoyed going there and looked forward to each session! The teachers were quite teary at the good-byes.. why not, they have known these kiddos for a good school year and are aware of their quirks etc. Looks like they have to start all over in September again!

Didn't do much in the afternoon. Instead, stayed in my bedroom where I've got a standing fan and perused my new books. Even then it was still quite warm! Told hubby I wasn't doing any cooking as it was far too hot. He suggest having salad which was fine by me! Have to say, it was good not to be eating meat! This extreme weather is just making me feel ever so cranky!!!

Later in the nite, watched a triple bill of CSI on Living TV... pure total bliss! I think my total of LO creation for this month will dip trememdously... loads of photos to scrap but just not in the mood! TTFN!

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