Tuesday, 11 July 2006

>>> Total Recall! <<<

Had to cancel the entire flight completely as changing to another date wasn't even an option due to so many technicalities. Got hubby to do it as I just couldn't bring myself to do it! So now I'm stuck in this country for the summer... what a daunting thought!!! Can't say who is more disappointed, moi or my dad. He called to ask if we are coming on another date. Felt sorry for him as he had looked forward to seeing his grandsons! (Doubt if he's expecting any from my brothers as both are still single and doesn't look at all if they are gonna tie the knot!!!)

Zac woke up this morning completely cleared... no spots whatsoever....weird!!! Anyway, sent him off to Playgroup where he had his Teddy Bear Party. Oliver's spots are clearing well. No more new spots out and he's just as active as before... you would have thought he be lying in bed but nope, still the same old self. Now I'm worried that he might accidentally scratch himself!

Didn't want to mope so did more 'Thank You' cards as I realised I had forgotten another 6 more teachers! Here's my effort!

Have to say it's forcing me to use my numerous A4 cards that I had.
It's amazing how easy and quickly I churned them out.
Made complete use of my stamping and blossoms
and even some ribbons and buttons!

Had no mood to do any scrapping so watched a triple bill of CSI instead! TTFN!

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