Sunday, 2 July 2006

Another Mundane Day

It was scorching today! I refused to go outdoors as it was so darn hot. Stayed indoors and did a bit of housework! Meanwhile my two boys were out playing in the garden and created carnage there! The youngest torn down a branch of flowers and somehow in between the afternoon, both broke off 2 lovely rose flowers and pulled their petals apart!!! Why on earth did God gave me boys!!!! Hubby eventually came back from his golfing trip and cleared the garden! I absolutely dislike gardening!

On the creativity front, manage to do a LO based on a 8.5x11 sketch which will be up on Homegrown blog on Tuesday! Made use of Blond Moments Sugar Dumplings papers!

Went off to bed early or rather watch CSI! It was just too hot to do any scrapping at nite! TTFN!

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