Saturday, 29 July 2006

>>> BBQ! <<<

Hubby woke up at 6.30am to get food for the BBQ. He did all the preparation himself, marinated the chicken wings, vegetables and seafood. He had bought prawns, squids, cod & salmon. I made two sets of kebabs, vege & seafood. They looked really good!

Party started at 2pm. Basically it consisted of his entire family. Hubby has 3 younger sisters. In all, there were 15 people, 9 adults & 6 kids. Weather was great too, slightly overcast and windy which made sitting out so comfortable as we didn't have the heat to content with! In fact, it was just the right climate for a BBQ. As for the food, everything was wiped clean!!! There was nothing left at the end! The kids whacked the the chicken wings while the adults tackled the vege and seafood! Our BBQ is a little unconventional as I utterly dislike burgers and sausages so I will never ever get those food for BBQ!!! I absolutely luv seafood and prawns are great for BBQ especially when grilled!

The 6 kids went wild!!! They don't get to meet each other often so when they do, they really play. Screams and laughter could be heard constantly and hubby even set up a tent at the end of the garden for them. With ages ranging from 3 to 9 years, they had no problem playing with each other.

Unfortunately a blurred image, probably didn't adjust the camera setting properly and it's frustrating...!

In the evening, my SIL and her daughters decided to stay with her youngest sis to give us a chance to sort ourselves out. But the other SIL was quick to ask if her eldest could stay over as he wanted to. Well, couldn't say no could I! I wasn't too keen for the main reason that his feet smells!!! For a 6 year old, he sure as hell had smelly feet. The problem is he wear trainers all the time and trainers do make one's feet sweat! So not sure if he has aired them but whatever, it smelled bad and you don't even have to put your nose near... the fact that he was in the room was bad enough! Hubby gave him a good wash and left his trainers outside to give them a good airing!!! Thankfully in the nite, both my son and him had a game of draughts and went to bed as good as gold!

Creativity wise, didn't do much although I'm working on an altered CD frame. Gosh, got a 6x6 LO to do too! Urghh, doubt if I will get it done on time!!! Suddenly I'm finding myself out of time now! Sigh! As usual.... TTFN!

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