Friday, 14 July 2006

>>> Fete! <<<

Zac had a Teddy Bear Party in his PreSchool today. Had to bring Ollie with me as I didn't send him to school. He's ok to go but as he still has some scabs on his face, thought it was safer having him with me as he does play with a particular rough boy in his class! Day was brillant although it did start with a bit of chilling wind! The Party was in the morning and later in the afternoon, he had his PreSchool session. There was a bit of accident .... he scraped his sore knee and somehow made it bleed and became hysterical. The school teacher called me but unfortunately I had left my mobile at home and was out at the shops. When I got back, quickly ran her back but by then, he had calmed down and was ok. They had bandaged his knee but didn't put a plaster as they weren't sure if he's allergic to plasters (these days, they have to get permission to put a plaster on in case the child is allergic to it! And yet if a teenage girl goes for abortion, she doesn't need to tell their parents!!! Defies logic I find!!!)

The problem with Zac is he has been picking at his scab and cause it to bleed constantly! Tonite, we bandaged his knee in the hope that the following morning he won't be rushing into my room crying about his bleeding knee!

On the creativity front, buckled down to do some work that is for competitions as deadline is tomorrow. In the afternoon, altered a journal cover according to requirements. Thankfully I have already a journal which I carry in my hangbag to jog down notes/ideas when I'm out and about. Here's my effort:

Wish I had my stamps with me as majority of them are in Singapore! However, did my best with what I got!

Later in the nite, did a LO with multiple photos! Been meaning to scrap those photos and so glad I did! Will reveal it later....TTFN!

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KimmyS said...

I love that pretty.
Are yo getting your stamps back when you fly over or will you leave them there?

I think I would die if I couldn't have allm ystamos with me