Thursday, 13 July 2006

>>> Daily Grind! <<<

Well, today is the last day for Zac's Playgroup! Brought his teachers' gift and left him to enjoy his last day. When I went to pick him up, they have somehow gotten his handprint on the cert along with a lovely child quote. Will try to find a frame to hang it up.

In the afternoon, went to see the doctor to get him to feel in the medical certificate required for the insurance claim. He examined Ollie and certify him fit for flying.... urrghhhh! Anyway, he mentioned that the incubation period for Zac is 12 days so I'm waiting with baited breath to see if that little mink will break out... I just hope he doesn't as he luvs to pick his scab. He had a fall on his knee and scraped it bad. Saw it healing nicely with the scab on last nite but this morning he came to my room crying about the pain on his knee! He must have unconsciously picked it and it was bleeding. By the end of the day, the scab was completly gone and he had a good moan about the pain... I swear he does it purposely to feel the pain!!! Anyway, gone sidetrack I have... that medical certificate cost me £13... imagine, just to get the doctor to fill it in!!!

It was parents' evening at Ollie's school so hubby went along instead. Found out that 5 other kids are also down with chicken pox... they probably played with each other! Anyway got his school report and it was ok... he's quite strong in his numbers but rather weak on writing. Frankly I just don't know why they make they write at this young age. I would much prefer they learn a foreign language instead! They got years ahead of them to do writing. It would have been better if they learnt a foreign language so that they won't appear to be so linguistically disadvantaged vis-a-vis the Europeans! Majority of the Europeans are effectively bilingual if not trilingual. Only in this country that they are monolingual and even so, can't even speak their own language properly! I used to think everyone here spoke like the news readers on BBC (you see and hear them on BBC World overseas). Hence, when I came over, it was a big shock to find most not speaking the Queen's English! Call me naive but when I found hubby (then boyfriend) couldn't even spell, that blew me apart! I'm glad I was taught the language properly! Guess who will be teaching my boys the English language ... and I'm not even English!!!

Did a LO in the afternoon. I had to use fabric for this LO so used my new fabric strips that I received from Shoebox Trims.

Not sure what to think about it. I kinda like the simply, 'messy' style that shows some cardstock instead of totally covering it! Been looking at a couple of gallery on 2Peas and that kind of LO really appeal to me. Probably will be seeing more of this style as I experiment with it!

Great! The house is emptied of food again... seems to be a normal occurence these days... literally cleaned the fridge out! No meat, vegetables, or fruits! Sent hubby out to the supermarket otherwise I've nothing to cook tomorrow! I don't stock a lot of frozen stuff as I've only a very small freezer! Also, not a fan of microwave food either! I much rather cook my food so that I know what goes into it. Firm believer if I feed my kids well, they are less likely to fall sick and not see a doctor or go to a hospital... this country's healthcare system leaves much to be desired!

Gosh, got a big craving for chocolates (and nope, not preggo!!!) ... after that Cadbury fiasco, not touching those choccies for a long time. Desperately need my chocco fix as it a mighty boost to scrapping too!

Rite, off to see if I can do some scrapping as there's no Grey's Anatomy tonite... darn, all my fav TV programmes have ended their series and I'm now suffering from serious withdrawal symptons! See if I can get some creativity work done instead!!! TTFN!

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