Wednesday, 12 July 2006

>>> Taking Off Eventually! <<<

Well, today was supposed to be the most exciting day... flying off but instead I'm stuck at home and going about the normal grind of life! Anyway, spent the morning looking for new flights. Called a few travel agents and was greeted by "it's a busy period.... " Flippin' heck! I know but surely there must be a few seats left somewhere! Anyway hunted around and found another flight date online. Obviously we can't get the flight fares that we had booked previously! After checking with hubby, we are now booked to leave on 31st July and moi & kiddos returning on 29th Aug while hubby will return earlier! The weird part of booking online is checking the different dates and getting different fares. It's amazing that a day can make a difference in fares! Anyway, we were previously booked to fly on Emirates (my fav airline) but now we're flying with Singapore Airlines(SQ)... wow! I've never flown on them before due to their fares being higher than the rest. We will be taking BMI (British Midlands) to Frankfurt and changing to SQ all the way to Singapore. Hubby is also keen to fly that airline too. Let's hope it lives up to their status! Now I need to change hubby's flight to leave earier. I did try to book it separately but when there is only 1 person, the fare was over £100 more whereas if I had booked for 2 adults and 2 children, the fare was cheaper! Now that's weird... why should 1 person have to pay more than for a family!!! So in the end, after juggling with dates, finally found a suitable price range. I had no intention of spending only 3 weeks in Singapore so gonna stay the whole month of August! I supposed spending almost 5 weeks is better than nothing!

Spent the afternoon finishing up the cards/gifts for my youngest son's teachers. Tomorrow is his last day at Playgroup!

So glad I've booked the flight! Checked at nite online and couldn't find the same price range that I paid in the morning! Need to call up the agent to ensure that the kids meal are booked as well as flight seats! Nothing worst than a separation of seats!!! TTFN!

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Marja said...

Singapore airlines is AWESOME!!! We flew with them several times when I was a kid and I remember nothing but great things about them. The service was wonderful!

Glad you're getting away for a few weeks!