Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Woh! Just had a PM from a friend regarding some scrapping activities in Singapore. Firstly there's a crop coming up on the 15th and a 7 Gypsies costume party to be held at a local scrapbooking store on the 21st which my friend will kindly make reservation for me. I think I've to give the crop a miss as my family will be heading out to Indonesia to a kelong to do a spot of fishing! This time we want to stay at least a week, as in the past it was usually about 4 days and it just wasn't enough time... just when the fun begin, you had to pack and leave! Unfortunately we will have to pay at least US$25 each for the Brits in my family as they require a visa that is more than 4 days! It's no wonder why I'm keeping my Singapore passport and refuse to apply for a British one (dual citizenship isn't allowed in my country). Right now I can go about anywhere visa-free... USA, China, most EU countries, most Asian countries! Doesn't make sense to give up something good, does it??? Hubby would have to get visa to go to China, Indonesia, not sure where else!!!!

Talking about party, the Costume Party begins at 10.30pm till next day at 6pm... obviously it's an overnite crop event too! Wow! That will be fun! That's what I luv about Singapore, the nite life is fab! You can find food stores especially opening at midnite till the next morning for those insomniacs! Now counting down the days to fun! fun! fun!

Didn't do anything creative... mind's slowly shutting down! Think I shall watch a triple bill of CSI instead! TTFN!

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