Sunday, 9 July 2006

>>> Down But Not Out! <<<

The depressing thought of not flying lingered the whole day and I just couldn't do anything at all! Made a heartfelt attempt at completing the glass jars but gave up and spent the afternoon watching TV or rather in between naps!

Watched the finals of the World Cup and felt sorry for Zidane when he got sent off... he was obviously provoked into head-butting the Italian chap and served him right too. He must have said something very insulting to receive such treatment. Pity France lost as I wanted them to win!

Ollie's chicken pox seemed to be progressing well. He shows no signs of fever and has been keeping himself busy playing Lego.

Later at nite, managed to complete inking the jars and made some 'thank you' cards too. Just need to fill them with choccies now! TTFN!

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