Thursday, 20 July 2006

>>> Just Another Day! <<<

The day started out cool but humid as it had rained in the night but then it went back to being sunny by mid-day. Luckily it wasn't very hot so it was quite bearable.

Spent the afternoon putting the finishing touches to my son's teachers' gift. Halfway, was interrupted by my best friend (from Shanghai) who came online and we chatted for a while. I showed her what I was doing and she showed me some brush paintings that she was doing for a friend as well. She's hoping to be able to pop into the UK sometime in Sept and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It will be so nice to see her again!

Hubby returned home early from London where he had meetings there and brought the boys out for a walk. In the midst of finishing up the gifts, was interrupted again, this time by a friend from Singapore. She wanted me to teach some classes for her while I'm there so I said I would think of a class for her. I think we chatted for a good hour and I was wondering what she was doing up so late at nite ( it was like 2am there!) Oh there goes any chance of finishing my project as the boys and hubby returned and we had dinner thereafter.

That's one reason why I 'heart' the net so much... my gateway to the world and communication! For a fraction you pay for broadband, you can literally talk to anyone in the world! Not surprising I get cold turkey when I'm off it for more than a day!!!

Can't wait to get the gifts out of the way 'cos it will make way for scrapping! Dying to scrap as I've got competitions, challenges and whatever to do and just don't have the time for it! Looking forward to my kits (Hybrid and the new Trilogy) from Homegrown too. The colours are just smashing!!!! Only problem is that it takes at least 10 days to arrive her! :( It should arrive by next week hopefully.

Finally finished the gifts but not after watching CSI first! :)

The tins & cards are for the teachers while the 3 glass jars are for the staff in the office as well as the headmaster. Think they have done a brillant job running the school.

Now to get back to proper scrapping....TTFN!

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