Monday, 17 July 2006

>>> Happy Birthday Ollie! <<<

My not so little boy turns 6 today! Gosh, time has really flown and can't believe how fast he has grown! He was ever so excited and was very patient with regards to cutting his cake and opening his presents! I told him he had to wait till the evening for his Dad and his Nan to arrive. And he did! He went to school as per normal with a bag of choccies for his friends.

In the meantime, had to pop into Woolworths to get wrapping paper as well as more pressies for him. He had begged for a magnetic thingy that can fixed into various designs so I got him that and a few more bits! Then I realised he has lots of Lego stuff so kept a few boxes back since I've got another 2 more weeks to keep them entertained! Can't give him everything at one go!!!

Anyway the evening came and I made his fav dish... baked chicken wings! I swear there were at least 30 pieces on the plate but it was wiped clean by the time dinner ended! Then the celebration began! He stuck the candles in, we sang the birthday song, he made a wish and blew the candles! Then he got excited about the presents and couldn't wait to open them all!

On a sour note... the cake sucks! I knew I should have ordered a Chinese cake... it would have taste far better and not so dry and sweet as the one he wanted! Think in future I shan't ask him but will just order it!

On the scrapping side, finished up a LO based on a sketch that I created! I'm in charge of creating 8.5x11 sketches on the Homegrown Blog and it's my turn tomorrow. Had fun doing it and had a slight accident by pasting a paper the wrong way round. I only realised it too late when I had already put rubons on it and even scanned it! So had to take it out, use Un-do to remove the rubons (ho! ho! it does remove!!!) and redo that section! Looks better now!

Blame it on the weather!!! It was a scorcher today and I just couldn't take the heat! I actually perspired and absolutely hate that sticky feeling!

Gosh, I do desperately need to do my calendar clipboard but I'm just so lethargic ... Might just lie down for a short rest!!! TTFN!

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