Saturday, 15 July 2006

>>> Birthday Gifts! <<<

As it's Ollie's birthday on Monday, and he wanted a Lego set, we went to the Lego store in Birmingham town centre. Gosh, he was ever so excited when we got there... couldn't contain his excitement and was squealing in delight at everything set he saw. He finally picked a Lego watch and a police van set. He's actually pretty good at making up his own cars once he has done the initial one.

Here's Ollie trying to fix a skeleton. Gosh they do have very cute Lego figures!

Here's Zac getting all excited about Lego animals. He luvs elephants but seeing that he does possess a family of Lego elephants, had to gently steer him away towards something more interesting!

Later we had tim sum at a Chinese restaurant and the boys sat well and ate their food. We're normally a little wary about bringing them to public eating places as they have a tendency to get bored easily and start running around. Thankfully as they are now getting bigger, it's not so much a hassle now.

MIL has returned home after staying at her daughter's house to help look after her grandsons. She was hopitalised for a cist problem but thankfully is on the mend. Anyway, she called and asked to her my boys so we went over where they literally drained off her energy!

Our washing machine has conked out! On Thursday, it made a loud, booming noise during the last few minutes of the spin. Terrified me and my boys. Told hubby and he had a look at it, tried a short spin and the machine worked fine. Then he put some clothes in and viola! it started the noise at the spin. He concluded that the shock absorbers were gone and it would cost about £100 to repair it. Given that these days, it's far cheaper to get a new one than to repair, he went for that option. Also the machine has been well worked for the last 7 years! It has served us well...

On the creative front, I'm July's Scraptitude Guest DT on the forum and my LOs were revealed today so I can now publish them here.

Papers are from Junkitz Rhythm and initially when I first received them, it threw me off completely as it isn't the colours I would pick but not one to give up the challenge, gave my grey cells a workout and came out with some decents LOs and cards.

Off to watch CSI. Channel 5 used to show the 2nd series of CSI New York but it has ended and they now show repeats of CSI Vegas. As usual, Living TV has CSI Vegas every night at 11pm. Pure Bliss! TTFN!

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