Sunday, 16 July 2006

>>> New Washing Machine! <<<

Our mission today is to get a new washing machine. First stop at Costco to check it out but they didn't have what we wanted. Saw tons of Heidi Swapp embellishment kit though! Then MIL decided to have the boys at her place so that we could search for it (she had come along with us). This is one modern day invention that I just can't do without especially as my dirty washing basket becomes full in just one day! This is one housework I kinda luv doing... can't say much for the aftermath i.e. folding the clothes! Absolute chore and the worst is ironing... thankfully the only ironing stuff is hubby's shirts. I know of others who even iron bedsheets and underpants??? Talk about too much free time!!!

Went to Comet in Solihull where we found a Hoover one that was exclusive to Comet. It fitted our description only just so we decided to look around. Popped over to Currys which was nearby but they had nothing we wanted. Then we decided to pop to another Comet near our place and viola! found the exact spec and model that we wanted and best of all, it was on sale too for just under £300! Unfortunately the store didn't have any in stock that we could take away but we were told of another that did so off we went. Somehow the machine actually fitted into the back of my car, with all the seats folded down of course! We went for a Hoover with 7.5kg load and a spin speed of 16oo! It had all the settings I wanted including settings for handwash, sports etc. Most of all, it's energy efficient which is one of the main criteria... It had to be triple A, energy, spin and .... We chose a Hoover brand as our previous was a Hoover too and so is our dryer and fridge! They function well so might as well stick to something that works! Guess who will be doing loads of washing tomorrow? :)

I've got another few more cards to do as well as make a calendar clipboard for my son's PreSchool. Just felt what I'm giving isn't enough! They have done wonders for my youngest and just felt the need to repay that!

I did a scraplift challenge on Scrapitude based on Becky's LO seen here. Those who took part came up with some amazing LOs and the interpretation of the original LO was amazing! Here's mine:

Made use of Fancy Pants Frou Frou papers, Heidi Swapp embellishments and a few stamps. Ohh, just luv my stamps! Pictures were of Zac who attended the 'Animal Man' show where he came and displayed all his creepy crawly creatures. Luv the photo of Zac with the snake around him... what an adorable face! Hope he remembers all this when he grows up!

Prepared my papers and bellies for another LO that needs to be done! Gosh, another week of frantic creating from tomorrow onwards as it is the last week of the school term! Zac ends his on Wednesday while Ollie, on Friday! Gosh can't believe that a school year has gone... time really flies! TTFN!

P.S. Accidentally use MS Internet Explorer to blog and as usual, it refused to upload images. Hence, had to switch to Mozilla Firefox instead which uploaded images perfectly even multiple images at different times! Blessed the brains of those who created an alternative to Microsoft software!!!

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KimmyS said...

ITA agree on the pic of Zac - that is the most adorable look on his face ever. And I love how you softened the edges!