Friday, 7 July 2006

>>> This Can't Be Happening! <<<

Well, brought my son to the Doc who confirmed that he has chicken pox and what's worst, he's still infectious! So that mean my youngest is more likely to get it as well! Man this can't be happening to me! It couldn't have happened at the most inappropriate time especially since we are leaving next Wednesday! (Thank goodness we bought insurance!!!) Not sure how to proceed as postphoning the flight would cost us each £75 (just to change the date ... daylight robbery!) On the other hand, doubt if Emirates will let us fly with a chicken pox kid! Doc did mention that once it has start turned to scab, it's no longer infectious! Hubby has suggested I fly out with the little one first and he and Ollie will join us later... my only worry is that he can't even get seats at later dates.... there is gonna be an Internation Monetary Fund meeting in Singapore in August so flights going there will be quite full. I can only hope.....

Did some scrapping to ease the tension in me... anyway had to do this LO for a competition I'm in at another forum.

Had to do this to certain requirement i.e Halloween theme recipe card. Didn't fancy doing one with a real recipe as it would be useless to me so racked my brains and came up with an abstract idea for recipe. Had to ensure the colours black and purple was in, as well as a spider and some doodling. Guess I fulfilled the requirements. Kinda like how it turned out especially the colour combination.

Well, feeling better now... TTFN!

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