Sunday, 23 July 2006

>>> Another Breakout! <<<

Oops! Forgotten to blog on Sat and so much news too!
Yup, this household has seen another breakout of chicken pox. This time Zac broke out in pox and boy has he got it bad... it's literally all over his body and a fair bit on his face. As usual, calamine lotion was applied but he did kick up a bloody fuss and had to be persuaded to allow us to apply it on his face. Once he had gotten over it, he kept insisting on the lotion to be applied every few minutes! He looks like a little white ghost now!
As for the impending trip, well, we have got 9 days so will have to see what happens! I don't even want to speculate and will just have to pray as hard as I can for a miracle to happen!
Went to bed early and didn't even watch CSI! However, was interrupted a few times in the nite by the little mite screaming for the lotion to be applied! Sigh!

Spent the day at home, sponging my little one with calamine lotion. More spots are coming out and it's really heartbreaking especially when he asks why he has it. What can I say? Tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Really wished the chicken pox jab is given freely in this country as I've asked the doctor and was told that it wasn't recommended. Surpised at how they push for the MMR and yet the jab for chicken pox is ignored! Seeing how my poor kid is suffering, I would have preferred him to be vaccinated!

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