Friday, 28 July 2006

>>> Yippee! <<<

Brought Zac to the doctor's and he was given the all clear to travel and I made sure I got a doctor's note as proof too! Can never tell when you get a nasty idiot trying to stop you from flying. Reminded me of the time when I was 6 mths pregnant and awaitng a connection at Dubai airport... was stopped by this nasty airport bitch who saw me in my condition and said rather nastily "Oh you're pregant!" It was how she said it, as if I had some bloody disease! God! She must have had severe PMS that day!

After the doctor's, took the boys to Birmingham town centre where I had to get some last minute stuff. Had to hop into WH Smith to check out the scrapping stuff and bought some Prism black cardstock. I severely wish I could easily get hold of textured black cardstock at a good price as I do love using black. Not a branded snob but had to be textured. Plain cardstock just seem so bland! Also got Scrapbook Magazine and Scrapbook Inspirations to read on the plane (where they will be eventually sold off to my friends in Singapore!)

In the afternoon, took some luggage from the loft and made some attempt to pack. Sorted out the boys clothes, took about a week's clothing for them since my mom will be doing the washing everyday. In the evening, set mine aside too. Now awaiting hubby to do his as I've no idea what he wants to wear. Packed all the UK scrapping/cardmaking mags too as they have been snapped up by my friends too. Now have to deal with my scrapping stuff. Think I shall just bring the essential tools and a few bits of kits along. Seeing that I've got 4 boxes in my parents' place, need to see what stuff I've got to get rid of!

Great, hubby has this idea to have a BBQ tomorrow. As both his dad(he off for a week and normally works in Oxford) & sisters are here at the moment, including their kids, it's celebration time! Frankly, I'm not too keen and in this heat, it's utter nitemare! Let's see how tomorrow goes!

Did nothing creative today and I do need to alter a CD badly and do a coffee filter album too! Urgh... it will be a tall order!!! Rite, CSI is about to start... will do some thinking ... TTFN!

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KimmyS said...

I am so happy for you that you got the all clear to fly!!

We will miss ya terribly but you totally need an deserve that fabulous holiday.

Enjoy it!!!

Oh and congratz on the Scrapper of the Month at UKS - that is fabulous Audrey!