Monday, 10 July 2006

>>> Flight Chaos! <<<

Called up the travel agent to try and sort alternative flight date and despite her attempts, there isn't any seats available flying out on the dates that we want. Tried changing airports and still no luck. Eventually hubby had to take over as I was sinking further and further into desperation and depression and wasn't thinking straight! Just can't bear the thought of spending the entire summer in this country!

Eventually hubby sorted out something... like leaving on the 20th Aug and returning 10 Sept... 3 weeks there... gosh, if I had wanted to go for 3 weeks, I wouldn't have picked the summer period to go... I was supposed to be there for 8 weeks!

Later in the evening, discovered spots on Zac and by the look of it, he's gonna get it far worst than Oliver! I will definitely have to put his hands in mittens as he luvs picking at scabs! Bummer!

Out of frustration, decided to do some 'Thank You' cards. Can't do anything that is beyond my control! Anyway, made use of blossoms and my Rhonna Farrer stamps.

Looks odd at the moment as somehow, it tends to look a bit concave when you photograph it. Glad to have made use of my numerous blossom lying around. Played with my chalk inks and the flourishes and swirls stamps. Great fun! (p.s. copyright to moi of course!)

Will have to call the travel agent tomorrow to inform her of cancellations..... sigh! TTFN!


KimmyS said...

Freakin heck woman - those cards bloomin' RAWK!!!! Send those chicken pox to me they have some serious impact on creativity.

I am sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry about the holiday I really am. And you were looking forward to it so much.

At least you get three weeks. I know, I know it's not as good as 8 but better than none...I am not helping here, am I?


Marja said...

Sorry to hear it's only 3 weeks... I would think that even 8 weeks is not long enough to be out of this country, lol. I could do with 12 months away (though I kinda like our house now, but wish it was in a different country!).

I'm glad you get to go for a little while at least and see your family :) Fab cards! Now I know who to offload all my blossoms to :P

ScrappinJane said...

Awww (((((Hugs)))) Audrey, my heart go's out to you mate, omg you were sooo ready to go, 3wks is a consolation, but only just!!!!
I felt completely deflated when I was Australia a couple of years ago, as I had to spend 3 days in hospital and I was so bloomin angry with myslf as it was eating into my precious holiday and sister time.

Fantastic cards and hope you lads are soon feeling better.