Friday, 21 July 2006

>>> Last Day! <<<

It was Oliver's last day in school. He wore his casual clothes to school and brought along a toy (his teddy bear, he couldn't find any others or we just haven't bought him enough! :)) with him. I got him to give out the pressies for his teachers as well as the office staff & Headmaster as they have been brillant in the running of the school! Gosh, can't believe he will start Year 2 in little boy is now getting bigger! One thing good about the holidays is no more school runs i.e. having to get up at 8am every morning! It will be nice to chill out in jammies all day long!

Felt so lethargic this afternoon that both Zac and I took a nap with the fan blasting away. I made sure I had set the alarm to wake me up for school run.

Later in the evening, did a mini album and made use of The Scrapbook Stand August 05 kit which had been lying around untouched and unused. I had to do a summer theme album for a competition and the summer papers that came with the kit proved useful!

There's 10 more days to go before we leave but I'm keeping an eye out for Zac as he still shows no sign of any poxies! This is so annoying... not knowing whether it's coming out or not! I don't even want to feel excited at all but I will make an attempt to start packing this weekend and put away the stuff that is needed to be brought to Singapore! Thankfully we are allowed 80kg but doubt if I will use them up as I try not to bring so much so that I can carry more stuff back!

Off to complete the album.... TTFN!

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