Tuesday, 25 July 2006

>>> It's a Tough Life and Someone has to Live in it! <<<

Realised I had to do a LO for the Goal's contest at Scrapitude so cracked my brain to come up with a LO. Have been in it from the beginning of this year and just can't give it up! Looking thru' my goals, I chose the goal about the altered projects whereby I had to do at least one each month. Glad to say that I've achieved it easily. Here's the LO:

Made use of Back Porch Memories kit (can't remember which month!) but I wanted it to echo the colours of altered projects in the picture. Papers are from City Centre Designs West Village. The hardest part was to include lyrics from a song so I managed to find one from Macy Grey entitled 'Do Something'. Other requirements included 3 patterned papers from the same brand, an envelope, an item from Scrapitude store & journalling.

Regarding Zac, well, got antihistamine syrup for him as well as bran oats for his bath. The latter was something I used when he had severe skin rashes when he was a baby. It did help clear it and I'm hoping it will also help soothe his poxies! My main intention is to try and clear the spots on his face so that it wouldn't be so noticable at the airport. I can easily hide those on his arms and legs but it's impossible to cover up his face!

Just been informed by other half that his sister from Poole is coming up this Thursday with her daughters and staying at our place. Frankly not very keen about it as
i) not in any mood to receive visitors,
ii) with the current weather so flippin hot, I'm in my most comfortable outfit i.e jammies all day (hey, can't go out so might as well be comfortable!) Having visitors would mean having to dress up!!! Let's hope she hangs out at her mom's most of the day!!! P.S. usually she would stay at her mom's but her other sister is there too with her sons!
iii) with Zac having chicken pox, I really don't want him mixing with his cousins in case he's accidentally scratched... being very anal about it but I don't want holes in his face due to no fault of his!!!
iv) Hubby is also compulsively obsessive about tidiness when we have visitors... he thinks his house has to look like a hotel! Drives me literally up the wall 'cos he will hide the kids' toys. The kitchen will look as if it's untouched & unused!!! It's for this reason I don't invite people to the house anymore as we have massive quarrel over it. He gets so bloody uptight about guests, wanting to make sure everything is just RIGHT! Bloody FREAK he is! I am so NOT looking forward to Thursday!!! There goes any opportunity of scrapping too!

Feeling mightly pissed now.... TTFN!

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