Sunday, 30 July 2006

>>> Another Busy Day! <<<

I was supposed to go to a crop but my SIL turned up with her boys and suggested going to a park so I had to cancel my plans and joined them. Can't say I was too pleased as I would have luv to have the time to myself and scrap to my heart's content!

We ended up in Birmingham Nature Centre and later Cannon Hill Park. The former was great, a fair number of animals to see and the 4 boys were mad with excitement. As for the latter, we headed towards the children playground and let them run riot! It was great to sit down and let them play to their heart's content! We even encountered 2 Vodaphone gals handing out free ice lollies too! Then it started to drizzle so we made our way back to the car and headed home.

Back home, hubby did the dinner while I did a bit of packing. The kids were out in the garden exercising their lungs as usual! I found my nephew (the one with the stinky feet) later in the boys' bedroom and oh god! he had taken off his shoes and his feet really stank!!! The entire room smelt so bad that I almost gagged! We finally got peace at 7pm and after getting the boys groomed and ready for bed, we literally vaccumed and moped the entire house and even dettolled the floors. How can a little boy's feet smell so bad??? Those pair of trainers that he wears ought to be thrown away!!! Just the thought of it makes me wanna puke!!! Such a shame really! I had been warned by my other SIL who told me about it but never expected the smell to be so bad! No wonder hubby doesn't allow our boys to wear trainers all the time! I can now understand why!!! Thankfully I'm not one who enjoys wearing trainers too ... much prefer to stick my feet in pretty sandals (something which I will be buying when I get down to Singapore... gosh they have such lovely pairs of sandals in every imaginable girliness!!! )

Finally got most of the stuff packed! As usual had to restrain hubby from bringing so much clothes... he always overbring and then wears only a quarter of what he brings... wasting luggage space! I know I have tons to bring back, namely food and a fair bit of scrapping stuff!

My dad called again to confirm our flight. Now here's the confusion... on my e-ticket it's listed as sQ2007 from Frankfurt to Singapore. However, my brother who's a flight steward with SQ informed me no such flight exist! Anyway he did give me the proper flight number! It really gets me mad when you are given the wrong info. Both the e-ticket as well as email confirmation gave me that flight number that doesn't exist! Flippin annoying. Anyway I do know we have a confirmed flight as I did call up Singapore Airlines to check and they found our reservation!

Rite, off to pack my scrap supplies now... TTFN!

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