Tuesday, 18 July 2006

>>> More Books! <<<

Whoopee! Postie brought me my new books from IdeaBooks4U. I had ordered 3 books from them, the Me Book, Ali Edward new one and Scrapbook Etc Photography. I've read great reviews about the latter as it was written specifically for scrapbookers in mind. Can't wait to have a good browse through them or perhaps should keep one for the plane trip!!!

My dad asked me about the camera that he has bought for us, Nikon Coolpix 7900. While it takes great picture on non-moving objects, it's suck for moving objects namely kids! Firstly you need to press the shutter halfway down for it to focus and by the time you do that, any nice pose you wanted to capture is gone! Kids don't pose for cameras, period! Hence I've ended up with numerous blurred pictures for not allowing the camera to focus properly. Really pissing me off! Anyway, he told me he would get me a new one and he will take over the Nikon camera! Now let's see if he can be persuaded to get me a SLR instead!!!

It's time for me to blog on the Homegrown Blog and as my role as a 8.5x11" sketch designer, here's what I've come up:

Here's my interpretation of the sketch:

Finally made use of my Paper Heart Studio Expresso collection papers! Revamp the Fancy Pants chipboard swirl a little. Kinda like this new style that I'm trying out!

Spent the afternoon making a clipboard calendar. Had to force myself to do it as I'm getting so lethargic these days... not helped by the sweltering weather either! TTFN!

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