Wednesday, 5 July 2006


Ho Ho! Germany crashed out of the World Cup due to 2 last minute goals from Italy. Must have been a shocker for them!!! Talking about soccer, my brother sent me this funny clip. Check it out here. Had a good time laughing my head off!!!

While the kids were out at school, managed to decorate a Maya Road tin for my son's teacher. Slow progress though and heart really not into it at all!!! I'm experiencing a slow down at the moment. I know I got things to do and just can't bring myself to do it! So frustrating!!!

Managed to sell off some of my card and scrapping magazines on The Scrapper's Loft forum. Thankfully it has freed up some space on my bookshelf!!! Just have to pack them in the luggage!

Didn't do much scrapping at nite... too much distraction on TV, the World Cup semi between France and Portugal which France won! (Hooray!) Then another triple bill of CSI too which I've not seen before (tendency to show repeats sometimes! Wish they show the series according!)

So proud of my eldest. He takes violin lessons in school once a week which I've to be there (to take note and to learn). Anyway, the week before, he was taught Twinkle Twinkle Little Star tune. First time he practised, I had to read the notes to him. Then today, we practised again (I know, I should make him practise everyday ...) and he told me not to read the notes as he already knew it!!! My jaw dropped as he played the tune by heart! Perhaps my dream of seeing him play in the Royal Albert Hall might materialise one day! :) Now I'm thoroughly impressed! I try not to push him but if he takes to music naturally, that's a good sign!!!

I think I had better start packing for our trip... every time we go, I end up staying up into the wee hours of the morning just packing! Best put away the clothes that I'm bringing with me... luckily, I'm not bringing much for the boys as I find the clothes bought here in the UK are far too thick and warm to be worn in Singapore which has a temperature of 30 deg cel average and high humidity. The boys will probably be in their vest and underpants all day! As for myself, will bring little too as I will most likely buy some clothes there. I have great difficulty buying clothes in this country due to my petite size (not being the average size here is a major disadvantage! Most clothing don't fit me too well and at times have to rummage the teenages section!) Will probably bring my essential scrapping tools there too, no doubt there will be scrapping opportunities for sure! I want to go a light as possible 'cos I know when I come back, the luggage will be filled to the brim with stuff (past experiences!!) TTFN!

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