Thursday, 24 August 2006

>>> Simply Chillin' Out! <<<

Didn't go out today! Was supposed to meet a friend but decided to spend time with the kids instead. We did however go swimming later in the evening... as usual. The boys really enjoy swimming and it's so much fun swimming outdoors.

Had to buckle down the scrap my Goals LO as it's due on the 25th. As usual, have procastinated until the last minute! Oh well, I do respond well under pressure usually!

Have tried to extend my stay but unfortunately, the next available flight isn't until the 6th Sept and it's too late as Ollie returns to school that day. Frankly doesn't bother me but the other half isn't so keen as it would mean paying 100 Euros per person to change the flight! Bummer! Hence we have to leave on the 29th and I just can't believe how time has flown. Have really enjoyed myself here and wish I could have stayed even longer! I guess I miss the close proximity of friends and the vibrant lifestyle here. It's just so great to go out at nite and not feel unsafe, knowing that even at midnite, the tube is still packed with people, knowing you can easily get food even after midnite and knowing that the weather doesn't have to play a part in your daily schedule! Even after living 13 years abroad in countries (France & England) with seasons, I just cannot get used to the cold. It just makes me feel so miserable. I hate being cold! Not matter how much clothes I put on, I just cannot feel warm. Not surprising I am dreading the coming autumn and winter months!!! Will have to discuss with hubby about where the future lies... West or East!!! TTFN!

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