Sunday, 13 August 2006

>>> Happy Birthday Dad! <<<

It's is my Dad's birthday today and he's a ripe old age of 75! I hope he's blessed with more good years so that the kids and I are able to enjoy more time with him. He absolutely adores the boys and enjoys their company immensely. It's such a shame that we live so far and he's unable to see them more often. Can't say the same for FIL... he hardly spends time with his grandchildren and he just lives round the corner. Just wish the tables could be turned!

Sent hubby out to get a birthday cake and he came back with a delicious chocolate cake. I have to admit that I had forgotten about gifts but I will be doing a canvas of the boys for him.

Anyway, a couple of his friends celebrated his birthday at the Seoul Garden restaurant. We were invited as well. It's a Korean bbq-style buffet where in the centre of the table is a stove to either bbq the food or boil it. As it was a buffet, there is an attractive array of raw food consisting of either meat or seafood. It has a 'eat as much as you can' policy but any wastage of food is charged at $5 per kilo. The meat selection didn't interest me but I headed for the seafood instead. Ollie wasn't very keen on it and we had to force him to eat something. He was however, more keen on the desert and had ice-cream which was free flow too. Zac wanted noodles so we boiled some for him. Dad enjoyed his meal but I had to force him to eat some vegetables as he's more of a meat eater.

After lunch, we took a walk in Ang Mo Kio town centre. As usual, the boys were clamouring for their favourite activity - the car/motorbike ride unfortunately it was too early as the guy is mostly there in the evenings. We browsed through the shops and I got myself a few tops. The boys bagged themselves a couple of cartoon video CDs too. Hubby got a set of Cantonese criminal series for his dad!

In the late afternoon, we cut the cake. The boys knew there was a birthday cake awaiting. They were only too eager to help their GranGran (as they call him) blow out the candles. The cake was certainly delicious, so chocolately and not heavy on the stomach at all!

All of us chilled out in the evening. We always make plans to go somewhere but it never materialise. We had wanted to go to the zoo but plans changed! Hubby received a call early this morning regarding his flight. He wanted to fly on the 19th but there is no seats available so he was booked on the 16th instead. He was put on waiting list but the airline staff has to book his flight otherwise he loses his place. So he's flying off this Wednesday. It's annoying that he can't get extension to stay longer from the company. The boys will miss him tremendously as we don't leave till the 29th. Perhaps it will be much easier to handle them then as he has this knack of giving in to them thereby making discipline really difficult. Those boys of mine sure know how to twist their dad around their little fingers. TTFN!

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