Friday, 1 September 2006

>>> Dora, Pirate Adventure! <<<

Wow! It's September now! Just can't believe how time has flown so quickly! If I had gone with my original flight, I would have been flying back from Singapore today!

What did I do... ehhh nothing basically. Well, did surf around and found a job that particularly interested me so spent the day tweaking my CV and filling in the application form. Then received an email that Scrapitude Store was closing down so headed there to grab some bargains! It was the case of fastest fingers first as I had left the goods in my cart for a few minutes and found that one item has already gone! Hence quickly put my orders in. I think I stocked up on inks, alphas and some lovely papers!

Gosh there is a lot of stores closing down. Recently heard that Occasions craft store is also closing down. That was the store I went for my first card making lesson and subsequent ones later and used to buy a lot from them. Then when I discovered scrapbooking, didn't frequent them as often. They did bring in scrapping stuff but they were limited in designs and quite expensive too. It's quite sad really.

Picture taken before performance started!

In the evening, hubby managed to get some tickets to see Dora the Pirate Adventure at the Alexandra theatre in Birmingham. It's a musical production from the US. Obviously the kids went too and they did enjoy themselves immensely. The boys knew the songs as they do have the DVD and had seen it before! Will have to book them another one during the Xmas season. They do enjoy watching these shows.

Back home, they went straight to bed after dinner without a fuss! I couldn't stay up to watch my triple bill of CSI and went into dreamland by 10ish!!! Still suffering from jetlag methinks! TTFN!

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