Wednesday, 20 September 2006

>>> Having Fun! <<<

Wow! Postie brought me my Back Porch Memories kits today. Kits b'cos I had Aug and Sept shipped together as I was away in August. Plus I had won a summer LO contest so had a summer kit prize too. Spent the morning oohing and aahing over the papers and in the afternoon, used my Polar Bear Press papers to create this LO of Zac:

He has sustained a nasty bruise on his face twice on the same spot (although the picture doesn't show it well) and I just had to document it. Decided to go simple for this LO.

On the political front, was sad to hear about the military coup in Thailand where they ousted Prime Minister Taksin. He was in NY at that time and has since flown to London. Personally I think he asked for it by being antagonistic towards the King of Thailand. The people of Thailand absolutely revere in the King and he was stupid not to recognise that and showed his disdain for him. Well, that is a BIG mistake! Moreover he is being accused of corruption too. Anyway, it's a sad fact that most countries in the Far East have corrupted governments. Get fine by the police in either Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand, all you have to do is grease their hands and you're off! Oh well, I suppose that's why they are still known as 'developing' countries! Will be keeping my eyes on Thailand to see what happens next as the King has actually given consent to the coup and the military is trying to find another PM soon. I've been to Thailand before and I really love it there. The people are really friendly and there are so many lovely places to visit, not to mention food! Absolutely luv their tom yam soup. The last time I was in Bangkok was in 2002. I was 6 mths pregnant then with Zac! I must have been mad to go there in my state but then I had a blast! It was so nice to visit Thailand after such a long break (I think my last visit was in the early 90s!).

Well, I'm feeling particularly creative tonite and will go and attempt a Speshal Dare. ScrappiDare #6 has just came it and it requires the use of sewing on LO... will definitely attempt that too! TTFN!

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CaroleW said...

Love the 'Bruise' LO - though it's probably not funny for him, it's quite a fun LO and these are the little things that will make his memories! Brilliant!