Sunday, 24 September 2006

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Sunday Blog 4# (from the Scrapitude forum)

So many of us rush through our days - Not letting the little things that usual mean so much to us get a look in, we fill our time doing things for other people, and putting so many people before us.

If you could spend a day, doing everything for yourself, with no indulgence spared - what would you do.... 24 solid selfcentred beautiful hours!

I think the first thing I do is to have a good lie-in. Lost that ever since I had kids! Somehow kids just don't believe in lie-ins! I do enjoy my sleep a lot but these days, it's hard to sleep soundly when you have kids as your ears automatically listen out for them... just instinct I guess! Hence, it's hard to go into deep sleep.

The next thing I do is to pamper myself thoroughly i.e go to a spa and have a top-to-toe massage including a facial too. Now that would be the ultimate indulgence for me!

Afterward, I would love for hubby and myself to go to a good restaurant to have a meal! I luv my food and I want to be able to indulge in the gastronomic delights of a good chef! As to what type of cuisine, well, definitely Japanese! I would luv to eat raw fish that is extremely fresh, dipped in a wasabe sauce! Mmmmm delicious!

Then it would be time to hit the shops. Since having kids, never really been able to shop properly as kids hate shopping! Yes, I do enjoy shopping, more for hangbags and shoes. I'm not really a clothes person but if I have to get some, I would like the service of a personal shopper. As for handbags, nothing please me more than to be able to browse through the different brands and to feel them and to see if they suit me. I've a penchant for leather bags... as long as it's leather, and soft one too, I'm completely bowled over! Then I will head over to the shoes department and look for one that will capture my attention. I'm very particular about shoes... they have to be comfortable but at the same time, look good too. Oh and I can't wear high heels... nothing kills my feet worst than stilettos! I won't wear flats too nor sneakers. I do luv sandals and especially those with beads and sequins in them. Only wish the UK was sunny throughout to wear sandals all year round!

To end the day, it would be nice to take a nite cruise along the river. (if I'm in Singapore, it would be along the Singapore River. In Birmingham, it wo
uld be along the canals.) It would be lovely to have dinner on board too and to hear the sound of water. I luv hearing the sound of water as it's so soothing and makes me feel completely relax. Yup, that would be a great way to end a whole day of indulgence!


Attended an all day crop today and managed to get a LO done as well as a page for my A-Z album. Wished I had gotten more done but I think I was nattering a little and was somewhat distracted too by Scrapajack supplies. Bought some Junkitz Laguna Guy papers and a pack of Delight Designs decorative accent chipboards. I shouldn't really but I'm nuts about chipboards! Anyway, here's my works!

Been meaning to scrap Ollie's 6th birthday and used papers by Daisy D's Girlfriends. Ohh, those papers are absolutely delicious! Totally 'heart' my Rhonna Farrer flourishes and swirls stamps. Ever since I bought them, I've used them loads! Just laid my hands on her latest Flourishes v2 stamps and awaiting delivery of her Swirls v2 sometime next week!

This is letter R, part of my A-Z Parenting album. I've got 4 more to complete and I'm done! Used papers by Arctic Frog.

Rite, off to bed early as I'm totally knackered! TTFN!

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