Tuesday, 19 September 2006

>>> Dressing Down! <<<

One of the idiosyncrasy I discovered when i came to this country is how people tend to dress up even when they are at home! When I moved in to my boyfriend's home (where he was still living with his parents way back in the mid 90s), I noticed how his family would dress up once they get out of bed. Now I come from a country where people don't bother to dress up unless they are going out. Hence if they are at home, dressing is very casual i.e short and t-shirt, housecoat or even just shorts or sarong for the men! In fact when you put on your jeans, it's assumed that you are dressing to go out. Hence, I used to query boyfriend as to where he was going in the morning when he put his jeans on. Slowly it dawned on me that people do dress up when they get up in the morning. They don't generally linger in home clothes... doubt it exist actually. These days, if I left my kids in their jammies all day long, I get a telling off from him! Frankly I see no reason why they have to dress up if they are gonna stay at home all day long. To me staying at home is being comfortable i.e. dressing up in comfy clothes. If one can't be informal at home then where else? Surprisingly, when hubby was in Singapore, he followed the norm and was in vest and shorts. My boys just wore their short and refused to put any tops on citing the heat! I guess he saw sense in dressing down. Only wish he could practise it here in the UK.

Then again, the darn weather has a part to play too. When it's cold, it would be utter madness to dress down unless I wanna freeze my butt off! Houses in this country somehow are so badly built that heat tend to escape so easily from the house. I used to live in an apartment in France and it was centralised heating in the building but I had to turn off the heaters in my flat as it got so warm! I kid you not! I only turn the radiator on in the toilet but elsewhere, forget it! I was wearing short and t-shirts too. In fact I could only put on my outer coat just before I left the building not leaving my flat as I had to go down the stairs and it was just far too warm to even put your outer coat on! Needless to say when I came to England, I was absolutely dismayed at the lack of warmth in building/houses!!! I've got to put my jumpers on at home even with the radiator on as it's just isn't warm enough to go without it! Sigh! How I dread this coming winter....

How did the day go... well, I left Zac on his own in nursery and he was fine! Once I showed him where the water pit is, he allowed me to leave with simply a goodbye! I guess he needs to know that he can move between classrooms easily. Let's see how he gets on for the week.

As for scrapping, my mojo has left me! Did a LO and hate it completely... looks a mess! Will have to re-do. Had a slight accident with my Totetally Cool bag too! As I put my Crop-a-dile in one of its pockets, it didn't go in properly and as I took it out, I accidentally squeeze the handle but not before realised that the hole punch was in between the pocket and it punch a slight hole (slight in the sense that there is a partial tear in the pocket!) Sigh! Pissed me off it did! Looks like Murphy's Law is working on me today! TTFN!

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