Monday, 25 September 2006

>>> Cricut! <<<

Nope, I've not bought that but at the crop yesterday, I saw the Cricut in action as one of the scrappers had bought it. Have to say that I was quite impressed as it could work on its own without any connection to the computer. You need to get a cartridge for it to work but letters can be cut from 1" - 5". Within the cartridge, there are also loads of features, i.e cutting font in a tag shape, a shadow font, numbers, certain phrases & shapes etc. It's definitely better than Quickutz in terms of the dies as QK dies are fixed at one size. Not sure if I do want one yet as I do enjoy playing with my stamps. Might change my mind when Xmas comes...

Zac came back slightly later today at 1pm. He had to carry a lunch bag to school and he was ever so excited about it. However, he was so tired when he came home and had a short nap until it was time to do the school run for Oliver.

On the creative front, spent the morning doing my Goals challenge at the Scrapitude forum. As usual, another last minute work but thankfully knowing what I wanted to do made me complete it faster!

Used Daisy D's Gypsy Harvest papers. The cardstock is actually more yellowish in colour but the scan somehow got it looking like orange! My goal is to plan ahead and have stuff ready beforehand as I'm always doing things last minute. I'm good at keeping to deadlines but somehow, I always wait till the eleventh hour to complete them! This is a double LO as it was one of the requirements, including using an office supply, inks, journalling & a stencil letter.

Rite, off to do more scrapping. Ollie was looking through my albums and said why there were so many of Zac. I felt bad as it's true that I do scrap Zac a fair bit. I think I need to start scraping my eldest more often! TTFN!

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