Wednesday, 6 September 2006

>>> Getting Back Into The Flow Of Life! <<<

Yup, I'm slowly but surely getting back to routine. Ollie started school today and I had absolutely no clue which class he is supposed to go to nor which part of the school to go in (Different levels have different entrance/exit to drop off the kids and pick them up!) So made my way there early to find out. Ollie had also insisted on having packed lunch to school. Frankly, I rather he had hot meals in school as that is his only recourse to Western meals since I don't do Western meals at home for dinner! The last time I attempted to grill some pork, it came out so hard! Hubby could only give me a look of disgust! Oh well, one hardly grill pork in a Chinese cuisine!!! Hubby said he would do the packed lunches as he's finding it expensive to eat out during lunchtime. Oh well, as long as he's doing it, fine by me but I still prefer Ollie to have hot meals instead of sandwiches all the time! I think one spends more having to buy stuff to put into packed lunches. We'll see how long it lasts....

After dropping Ollie off, went off to Asda to search for my favourite hot chocolate drink, Milo! I just can't do without my hot choco at nite and I will only drink this brand as I've tried most of the hot choco brands in the UK and most of them just leave an awful aftertaste! The only problem is that not all Asda stock it, mine does as it's located in an Asian area and they do have an aisle which stocks Indian products and somehow, my Milo is included as part of the product range! The other place is Wing Yip, the Chinese supermarket but it so much further going there! Even the boys enjoy them as well and I much prefer them drinking it as opposed to drinking tea. Nothing against tea but when you have better choices out there, why not! Beside, if pregnant women are told not to drink too much tea/coffee during their pregnancy, it must mean something doesn't it! I've read that kids under 5 shouldn't drink tea as well as it inhibits their intake of iron. Shoot me down but I'm very sure I've read it somewhere! Hubby complains that I make horrible tea but frankly when I don't drink that stuff, it's ain't easy making it good! I do drink it but only when I'm out since it's a hassle telling your guest you want hot choco when they offer you either tea or coffee!!!

In the evening, when to Ikea (yet again!) with hubby. Thankfully, MIL had the kids so we were able to shop in peace. Decide to get a sink unit for the bathroom as it was about time to change ours. Manage to squeeze a few more stuff for my craft room ... a magnetic board and some magnetic round tins. Those will be great for my Prima flowers! Got a couple more wire baskets as well. We had to go to the warehouse to pick up our sink and it was located not too far from the Ikea store but somehow we got lost going there! Hubby blame me for my poor map reading but it's true, I really suck at reading maps... god knows how many times I end up getting lost despite having printed out detailed directions. Definitely need a sat-nav in my car! Anyway, we managed to find the warehouse but was pissed that they couldn't even light up the name Ikea as it's almost impossible to see which building it was in the industrial estate especially in the dark!

It was way past the boys' bedtime and after a quick shower, they went off to sleep without a fuss! Have to say that since coming back from Singapore, they have been going to bed with relative ease... kinda like they literally drop off instantly the moment their heads hit the pillows! Pretty good as I used to have to threaten them in the past. Let's hope they keep it up!

Thoroughly knackered now... think I will head off to bed early. Haven't been watching CSI lately as most of them are repeats and I think I've managed to keep up to date with all the series now. Let's see... Vegas 1-5, Miami 1-4 & NY 1-2. Yup, seen them all and awaiting new series to come out although by the time it hits the UK, it will be probably be a year later.....TTFN!


Toni-Ann said...

what about Grey's Audrey? whs=at about Grey's? - or are u just soundchecking police/crime dramas?

oh last nights one was fantastic!

Audrey said...

Toni, haven't forgotten MacDreamy!!! I've that programme keyed into my phone alarm in case I forget!!!