Saturday, 23 September 2006

>>> The Weekend! <<<

Hubby is away today playing golf so I'm alone with the kids. While on my way to send Ollie to his Mandarin class, happened to see a new store, Au Natural, opened quite near my place. Once I got him into class, decided to check the store out!

Gosh, have to say there are a lot of home finishings in there but also stuff for storage and some craft items too. As I had Zac at the side whining his head off, I did a quick glance of the store and will definitely make my way back during the weekdays!

On the scrapping side, complete the ScrapiDare #6 on the Scrapitude forum. The Dare was to including sewing on the LO so I took out my sewing machine and had a play.

Thought I document my kids' latest toy craze! Ever since they discovered the Bionicle from Lego, they've been begging us to get them the entire set (that translates to loads of figurines!). What's worst is that for each size, there is a collection of 5-6 figurines and recently they bought out another set of figurines too. Oliver enjoys building them, mixing them and re-building bigger figurines. Zac prefers to dismantling them! Not surprising as he's more a destroyer where toys are concerned!

Got a crop tomorrow so I had better sort some photos out. Can't wait to get away and have 6 hrs all to myself! Bliss! TTFN!

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