Thursday, 28 September 2006

>>> As Time Goes On...! <<<

Hubby's in London all day and overnite so I'm left with the kids! Oh well, it's easier managing them without him to be honest as they have no daddy to turn to when I discipline them! And true enough, both went off to bed at the time I wanted and slept off without any hassle!

Decided to sort my patterned papers out and was wondering whether to do by colours. Tried it but gave up halfway as these days, patterned papers are so coloured that it's hard to pick a distinct colour to separate them. Went by brands instead. Can't say I finished sorting them as I ended doing a LO left halfway and managed to complete it as best I could. I do have a few unfinished LOs and I had better get them done!

Spent the nite watching Grey's Anatomy and I tell you that show gets better each time! Absolutely 'heart' that programme! Been told by my brother that the new series for CSI have started! That means for Vegas, it's series 7, Miami - series 5 and NY - series 3! Well, he got them on DVD so I'm hoping my air stewart brother do come over to UK soon! Drew a couple more LO sketches so will be hoping to have a play with them soon. TTFN!

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