Wednesday, 27 September 2006

>>> Yuks! <<<

Woke up late this morning, an hour later than usual and with dire consequences! Had to drag my kids off their bed and with only biscuits in their hands, sent them off to school LATE! Hubby's fault! Usually before he leaves for work about 8am, he would wake me up but he didn't! Hence I only opened my eyes at 9am! Anyway serve me right as I was up till 3ish in the wee morning! Moral of story, never sleep past midnite!!! Looks like I've to set the alarm on my mobile (no alarm clock in the house as they have all kinda disfunctioned!)

Spent the morning creating. Did a card and a LO. As both are for DT assignments, will reveal later but it was fun playing with the A2Z new papers. As there are 12 sheets of them, I'm trying my hardest to use as much as I can!

Picked Zac slightly later at 1.3opm. The nursery is trying to increase his stay longer so as to get him used to full time. However, when I went to pick him up, he didn't want to go home! I'm sure he will have NO problem staying till 3pm as it's all play for him over there! It's a great nursery with tons of activities for the kids to enjoy!

I'm shattered so shall call it a nite and go to bed early! TTFN!

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