Friday, 29 September 2006

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I've been tagged and the rule is to list 5 weird things about yourself or your pets and then tag 5 friends and list them. Since I don't own a pet (heaven's forbid, like I don't have enough with my 2 boys to take on another animal!!!), it has to be me then:

1) I luv peanut butter but can't eat it on its own. I have to either add jam to it to make it peanut butter jelly (like the American way) or add ham! Yup, ham! Hubby thinks it weird but I do luv the taste!

2) My favourite drink is Milo (which I can get them in Asda in the Asian section). Apart from using it as drink, I do put it on bread to eat it too. And when I'm particularly indulgent, will mix it with condensed milk and eat it as it is! The taste of cocoa melting in my mouth with the condensed milk is just undescribable!

3) I don't eat beef in this country... I guess when I first came here, I was warned about BSE, mad cow disease and therefore kept away from beef! Hubby knows better than to buy beef as I don't cook it and find it hard to eat it. Once in a very blue moon I do eat but I get such guilty feelings that it's just not worth it! And you guess it, I don't eat burgers at all too, would opt for fish if I do go to a fast food outlet!

4) I can't get out of bed straightaway. I need to lie about before actually getting up. Hence I always set the alarm half an hour early to allow myself to laze around before pushing my lazy arse out of bed!

5) I'm particularly obsessed with hygiene, not just personally but with objects too i.e utensils in particular... just cannot abide with a dirty cup. Hubby has this knack of not scrubbing out the tea stains in cups and it annoys me to bit when I pick a cup and find it covered with tea stains! Same goes for pots and pans too. I can't cook in a pot or pan that has remnants of previous food stains! Needless to say, if any of my pyrex dishes hasn't been scrubbed clean, I get into a state! Funnily enough, that obsession doesn't extend to the house though... which I term it as housework!

I'll tag the gals at Scrapitude forum and anyone who happens to read my blog... you probably know who!


Hubby came back from London and was telling me about his exploits! In his job, he gets entertained a fair bit and always, inevitably, at a lapdancing place! Anyway, he was brought to Spearmint Rhino so I mercilessly teased him and got him to spill the details! I'm not a jealous person and not at all bothered that he went there as I've been to one myself and know what it is all about! Beside, men by nature, will always be attracted to anything sexual! Why do you think the porn industry is such a booming business??? All thanks to the weakness of men! I think sex constantly dominated their brains all the time. I know hubby doesn't stray as he's more worried about the complications i.e. sexually transmitted disease! He says for that few mins of pleasure, you might end up with a lifetime of infection! Quite right as I've read the rate of heterosexual STD is on the increase and not surprisingly, AIDS! I'm surprised this country doesn't teach the young about such matters! I know when my boys hit puberty, I will sit them down and tell them frankly about the birds and bees! Afterall, I used to teach sex education in school before and I don't want my kids finding such stuff from friends and getting wrong info! I think when I done with them, they'll probably take a vow of celibacy! LOL!

Can't say I did anything creative today, instead, just waffle around and ended up doing some online shopping for more inkpads and stamps. Just Let Me Scrapbook is having a 20% sale and I ended up with a Tim Holtz inkpad, new Tsukineko Dew Drop inkpads (heard they stamp on non-porous stuff so that will be good) and some Art Warehouse stamps. I don't really get scraping items as I have enough from kits and don't bother buying papers either as I can get them from the UK. Instead, I tend to buy stamping supplies as I can't find them in the UK or they are far too expensive to be bought in the UK! Can't wait to lay my hands on those stamps as they are ultra cool!!!

Rite, got a crop to go to tomorrow (hooray! and bloody hell need it as hubby has been out for 3 nites this week so it's my turn tomorrow!) and need to pack... TTFN!

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