Thursday, 7 September 2006

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Postie rang the doorbell and waited for me to answer the door which is surprising as he usually leaves the parcel outside the door. Anyway, door opens and he gave a laugh! 'Oh she's back' and proceeded to grill me how long I've been away and where to! No problem talking to him except when you are dressed in an oversized t-shirt and knickers, you do feel a wee bit naked in the chilly morning wind! Gosh, I think he now remembers me as the lady with pizza boxes!!! I've actually cut down on the number of kits ordered but still do get one or two in a month!

The day started with good intentions. I had plans of what I wanna do... sort out my old clothes, organised my craft room etc. In the end, I ended up napping with Zac instead! Towards 11ish, I was feeling so lethargic that I just had to take a nap. Just wondering if I'm still suffering from jetlag??? Oh well, at least I did fold up the clothes and put them away as they had been lying around for the past few days... can you not tell how much I dislike housework!!!

As I had received my stuff for Scraptitude DT, my mind was buzzing with ideas but by the time I had sorted out what I wanted to use in separate 12x12 baggies, it was far too late to do anything and I had to go to bed. Couldn't do anything in the evening as Grey's Anatomy was on at Living TV and it was a smasher! Fabulous and the plot gets better each time. It's annoying when you know that the 3rd series is starting in the US soon and here we are, watching the 2nd series!!! Steph (Homegrown owner) offered to get me the 2nd series on DVD as it's out in the US but I wasn't too sure that it would play on my DVD set as mine isn't region free!!! So sadly had to decline her offer. Oh well, just have to make a date with my TV every Thursday nite at 10pm.

Talking about TV, I've suddenly lost National Geographic on cable. Instead I've got other channels such as Living TV1, ITV4, Bravo and a host of useless channels! Ahhhh bring back my National Geographic as I'm hooked equally on Seconds from Disaster, Air Crash Investigation etc. Sigh! The problem you have with a basic channel! Actually I don't even pay for it as it came free when I ordered my broadband with Telewest! So I was lucky! Hence , can't complain can't I?? Just wish they will bring back National Geographic eventually.

While I was in Singapore, caught a host of interesting US programmes and I was keen on this particular one called Project Runaway. It's a bit like Apprentice where there are about 12 contestants vying for a designer place with a well-known clothes brand. Every week, they had to come up with clothes made to certain specs. There was one week they had to create a wedding dress based on the model's requirement in 3 days. Another week, they had to create a swim suit within 5 hours. It was very interesting to see how each one managed to get something done within the time constraint and best of all, come out with very unique designs too. I've checked the TV guide here and no channels have so far brought that programme in! I think it's in it's 3rd series in the US now. Darn, make me wish I could live in the US especially since they have such entertaining programmes or be in Singapore since they do buy a lot of US programmes. I just cannot get my head around the UK ones. I've tried watching a few UK ones but it just does my head in trying to concentrate on what is happening. It can be so intensive sometimes!!! TTFN!

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KimmyS said...

Gosh. my psotie catches me every Saturday in shirt and knickers...I think he might be upset of I get to the door dressed...LOL