Wednesday, 13 September 2006

>>> Just Another Day! <<<

Zac's nursery teachers came for a home visit. They asked a few questions about Zac and then took a picture of us and of him. Those photos will be used in the nursery to make the kids feel at ease and to see familar faces too.

After they left, took a drive to Wednesbury to Renault's Bodymatters to get a quote on my car. An oak tree just outside my house is leaving saps on my car's body work and it's almost impossible to get rid of the stains. We had written to the Council to get the tree trimmed but they refused and stated that any damage caused will be entertained. So I'm gonna send in my quote + pictures of the damages it has caused to my car's body work! Let's see if they keep to their words!

Oliver started his soccer practice in his school today. He did it last school term at another area but since it was offered in his school immediately after dismissal, why not! Saved me from driving + I get to pick him up later. Works in my favour! He gets to play with his school friends as well so that's good!

Postie brought me my lovely stash of ribbons from Shoebox Trims. Wow! The colours are so yummy, orange, purple and green... very halloween-like colours! Absolutely gorgeous! Will have to put on my thinking cap to see how best to use them!

Rite, off to do some creating... TTFN!

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