Sunday, 10 September 2006

>>> Just Another Sunday! <<<

My little rascal peed in our bed!!! Hubby had brought him to our bed and I woke up halfway in the nite as I felt something wet... only to discover that he had literally soak the bed with his wee! Boy was I pissed!!! Wouldn't mind if it was somewhere near the edge but he had to do it somehow close to the middle and hence, ended up squashed onto hubby side of the bed!

In the morning, hubby had to attend a memorial of his nephew who was drowned a few weeks back in Spain. As no kids were allowed, he went off by himself! Sad though for the little boy who ended his life so quickly. He has an older brother who I can imagine will feel quite lonely now.

In the afternoon, dragged hubby to the Chinese supermarket to get my sauces!!! Came back from holiday to find all the sauces required for cooking was gone! So I had to stocked up on essential Chinese wine, Japanese marinating sauces and other bits! Added a couple of snacks as well too... yup, I do luv to snack but prefer the Chinese snacks such as preserved mandarin peel, plum etc. Oh and I even found my fav biscuits... sugared crackers, very akin to those Jacobs crackers but with sugar on it! MMmmm! Oh and not forgetting my prawn crackers! While this nation luv their potato crisps, I much prefer my prawn crackers instead! The boys had their fav pandan cake.

Made curry for dinner and went out to get fresh nan and popadom from the curry house. Hubby didn't think they would sell me only those but I told him which business would turn down any sales no matter how small!!! The boys had baked chicken thighs instead as they still too young to have curry. Can't wait for the day when I don't have to cook separate meals just b'cos I want to eat something spicy! I'll make sure they learn to take spicy food too! TTFN!

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