Saturday, 9 September 2006

>>> Croppin'! <<<

The boys woke us up early today!!! It's amazing how they get up extra early during non-school days! Hubby wanted to take them to his sis as it's her birthday today. I had a crop to go and we split up separate ways about 10ish.

Went to the Moxley Massive crop. It's their 1st birthday today. I've been going there on and off. I was very productive today! Did 2 LOs, one for Scrapitude DT assignment, but couldn't complete them due to missing parts. Then I decided to work on my A-Z Parenting album. Started in March and it has been left uncompleted. I managed to complete 4 letters - T, U, W & Y as they happened to be in the crop bag. I think I've got 5 more letter to complete!

Left the crop at 8pm as I wanted to put the boys in bed although the crop didn't end till 9pm. Got home only to find that I had reached home first!!! Urghh! Hubby and the boys came back about half an hour later. Both were already sound asleep. They had an enjoyable day as there was a fete in William's (their cousin's) school and they had fun there. Apparently there was some car ride and Zac managed to bang into a soft wall but then got the hang of driving and did brillantly after. Then he won himself an Incredible toy at a tombola and Ollie managed to bag himself a sword at one of those hammer thingy! Pity hubby didn't have the camera on him otherwise it would make great photo shots!

I was totally knackered out... funny how sitting for long periods of time do tire one out!!! Went off to bed early! TTFN!

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